5 Awesome Safety Tips of Kids Motorcycle Every Rider Should Know

learn to ride kids motorcycle safely

5 Awesome Safety Tips of Kids Motorcycle Every Rider Should Know

Let’s face it, riding a kids motorcycle looks great, and your kids or neighbors’ kids may have asked if they might join you on your ride at some point. So, consider the following circumstance. Let’s give him a name, most likely Joe. As a result, Joe decides to take one of his children for a motorcycle ride. He gives the boy a four-times-larger helmet and allows him to sit in front. As Joe speeds away, the child’s small hands urgently clutch the gas tank.

Quite a few things. What will happen if Joe is forced to come to a halt or gets rear-ended? Yes, the child will be tossed from the kids motorcycle. Joe will either have to find a way to keep one arm on the kid while controlling the bike with the other. He’d definitely do both if it were a scene from a movie (think Fast and Furious), but he’s not in one. The kid’s big helmet will do little to protect him from the impact of the crash if he falls off the motorcycle.

This story may make you fear riding your motorcycle with your children, but if done correctly, riding with them can be a lot of fun. Here are a few pointers to help you keep your children safe:

ride kids motorcycle safely

Purchase a kids motorcycle helmet that fits your child

There are far too many cases of children wearing adult-sized helmets that fall off during a collision. The helmet on your child’s head should be tight. A full-coverage helmet with a chin-bar is highly recommended. Expanded polystyrene should be used for the chin-bar and the rest of the shell. If the helmet does not come with a face protection, make sure you get some goggles.

The disadvantage of purchasing a helmet that fits snugly on your child is that they will outgrow it quickly, but this is not a reason to skimp on quality. Don’t be shocked if your child complains about the helmet being too tight, but it doesn’t indicate the chin strap is too slack. Remember that face scars can be just as painful as a facial injury, so forcing your child to wear a kids motorcycle helmet isn’t enough. The helmet you purchase for them should also comply with DOT regulations.

Carry your child behind you rather than in front of you

It’s against the law to ride a motorcycle with a child in front of you, and for good reason. It will not only obstruct the operation of the kids motorcycle, but it may also cause your child to tumble off. Carrying your youngster on a kids motorcycle seat that is firmly linked behind yours is significantly safer.

Provide them with appropriate attire for kids motorcycle

You know how hot or cold riding a kids motorcycle can be, so make sure your children have dressed appropriately. A sturdy riding jacket with heavy-duty stitching, zippers, and zipped cuffs made of heavy leather or thick denim should suffice. In the event that you have an accident, your child will be well protected.

Leather gloves are also beneficial for your children because they protect their hands from scratches in the event that you have an accident. Kid-specific gloves are made by a variety of firms. Your child’s gloves, like the helmet, should be fitting. You should get a pair with a strap so that you can secure the gloves with the straps even if they are a little bit.

Kids motorcycle pants should also be purchased for your children. A pair of heavy-duty jeans will suffice and don’t forget to invest in a pair of ankle-high boots. The shoes should be comfortable, and if possible, avoid buying a pair with shoelaces. If a shoelace gets caught in a chain, it can be disastrous.

How do you strike the right balance of kids motorcycle?

After you’ve purchased all of the necessary equipment, the following step is to figure out how they’ll balance on the motorcycle for kids. We already know that putting them in front is a bad idea. By the way, there’s a good chance your child may fall asleep on longer rides, so keep that in mind.

You could instruct them to hang on to you as tightly as they can, but there’s a problem with this method. Your youngster may not be able to hold on to you if they have little hands. So, what is the best course of action? You can, however, purchase a belt for both yourself and your child. When you’re driving, your child can grab onto the handholds on the belt. However, this is not a good option for children under the age of ten. That age group has a hard time remembering to hold on all of the time.

The best method is to use a kids motorcycle belt. It’s a harness that wraps between the child’s legs, over their shoulders, and around their waist, preventing them from wriggling free. It’s simple to get them in, and the quick release buckles are in the rear, out of reach. The belt also secures the child to you by going around your waist. Unless you fall off the motorcycle, they won’t be able to.

kids motorcycle safety tips

Teach them the fundamentals of kids motorcycle safety

This will take some time because children forget quickly, but with practice, these safety tips will become second nature. Always tell your child to get on the bike from the left side, not the right side, before each ride. Remind them to keep their feet off the steering wheel and to be aware of the exhaust pipe.

When you first begin riding with your children, you must, of course, take things slowly. It’s best to start by riding on quiet roads so they can get used to the notion of riding a kids motorcycle. Some claim that riding a motorcycle with your child is risky, but here’s the deal: if you can make it safe for yourself as a parent, you can make it safe for your children.

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