5 Important Tips For Buying A Ride On Car For Christmas

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5 Important Tips For Buying A Ride On Car For Christmas

Christmas is approaching, perhaps you are also thinking about what Christmas gift to send, a red ride on car as a child gift is appropriate. It’s an eye-grabbing presence next to your elaborately decorated Christmas tree. Then I’m going to give you a few tips to help you find the right car for you.


The motor is what propels the car’s wheel forward or backward. Ride-on cars typically have one motor on the back wheel. When purchasing a ride-on car, consider the number of motors. You can choose between a single motor and a dual motor ride on. Dual motor (2 motor) ride-on cars will have a motor in each of the back wheels.

Ride-on cars with dual motors (2WD) can carry heavier children at a steady rate. This means that even if the child is heavy, the car will maintain its desired speed. Furthermore, dual motor ride-on cars will provide your child with a smoother ride. If you have a child that weights 40-55lbs then a dual motor ride-on car is a better option.

One-motor ride-on cars will travel at the same speed as dual-motor vehicles, but they will slow down as their weight increases. If you’re looking for a good deal and your child weighs less than 35 pounds, one motorized ride-on car will suffice.

The Lamborghini ride on car at Tobbi is powered by a single 12V motor. A larger battery is always preferable, and 12V is the best battery for ride-on cars. However, there are 6V battery ride on cars that are suitable for smaller cars or children. A larger battery can help the car accelerate. 24V batteries are uncommon and should only be used in larger ride-on cars that seat two people.  Having a 24V battery on your average size ride on car can make the car reach 11km/h, which is extremely dangerous!!!


There are tons of different styles of ride-on cars. You have the SUV style, luxury super cars, Quads, pedals and small kiddy ones that you push with your two feet.

Ride-on cars that are licensed are a two edge sword. Their design mimics exactly that of its real car. Since licensed ride on cars have to pay for licensing fees to the car manufacturing company their quality needs to be superior. Therefore you get 2 in 1 with licensed ride on car. Design and Quality.

You will notice lower-quality ride-on cars with stickers everywhere, flashy lights, and an overall bad style. Avoid these types of ride-on cars because they are difficult to assemble and will not last long.

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If you want the ride on to “grow with your child,” you should get one with a remote control. You can use your ride-on car as early as 18 months (some babies can start using it as early as 12 months), depending on the size of the baby. What’s great about having the remote control function is that your child can enjoy the car even if their feet can’t reach the pedals. While the child is seated, parents have complete control of the vehicle.

The frequencies of the remote control are important to remember. Many R/C cars have the same frequency (27mhz or 41mhz), which can interfere with your car’s performance. Make sure you are not near other R/C cars with the same frequency, unless the car is equipped with a 2.4GHZ R/C. The 12V ride-on car comes with a 2.4GHz remote control. This allows the car to operate even in the presence of other R/C vehicles.

When the child is about 3-5 years old, he or she can begin controlling the car with the pedals and steering wheel. Finally, once the child has outgrown the car, it may become the COOLEST prop in their room.


Large ride on cars can have two seats, but most ride on cars only have one. The problem with two-seaters has nothing to do with the car’s functionality or speed. But the biggest issue we’ve seen as parents with them is the constant bickering over who gets to drive!! Another problem with two-seaters is their small size. The claim is that it seats two, but it only has one seat! Furthermore, two-seaters are typically found in larger ride-on cars, such as SUVs or off-roaders.

If you want to buy a more sporty car, such as an Audi, Lamborghini, Mercedes, BMW, Bentley, or Volkswagen, a one-seater is the best option because it has all of the characteristics of a sporty supercar.

One-seaters also save space in the home or garage; on cooler days, children can drive these vehicles in the larger open space inside the house. Furthermore, these cars are much easier to store than larger ones. Keep in mind that one-seaters, such as the Bentley kids cars (12V), are still quite large, but they are ideal for both indoor and outdoor play. WARNING: Do not use in the living room as it will ruin a lot of furniture!


Make sure to read the shipping details before purchasing your ride on car. These cars are massive, and shipping them can cost anywhere from $50 to $190 in the United States! Make certain that the store you are purchasing from includes shipping in the price they offer. TOBBI offers free shipping anywhere in the United States, saving customers money on hidden costs.


More is better; a dual motor 12V ride on car may cost a little more, but it will grow with your child. Pay close attention to the ride on car’s design and quality. To get the most out of your ride-on car, make sure it comes with an R/C and has a realistic design similar to the real thing. When shopping online, always look for the best deals and make sure the price includes shipping.