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Participating In The Funding of Your Child's Higher Education love to learn 1 Kid Insider

Participating In The Funding of Your Child’s Higher Education

Some parents resist the idea of letting their kids plan their own higher education because they feel it’s too early to get involved. However, research shows that if kids are actively engaged in the planning process, they will be more committed to college. In fact, if parents can get kids aware of financial aid options […]

The harmful effects of gender-specific toys on a child's development gender specific toys Kid Insider

The harmful effects of gender-specific toys on a child’s development

While women in the United States were reducing the gender gap in education and employment and breaking into the top echelons of politics and industry in the 1970s and 1990s, one area was trending in the wrong direction. “The world of toys looks a lot more like 1952 than 2012,” said Elizabeth Sweet, a sociologist […]

Greta's children's campaign is quite corporate Gretas childrens campaign is quite corporate e1622774585216 Kid Insider

Greta’s children’s campaign is quite corporate

Greta Thunberg is a 16-year-old Swedish student whose fiery visions have persuaded the British and Irish parliaments to proclaim a “climate emergency.” Greta’s parents, actor Svante Thunberg and opera singer Malena Ernman, are just regular parents who aspire to save the world. If you question their motivations, you risk being accused of “climate denial” or […]

bring up good sleep habit

What Effect Does Seven to Eight Hours of Sleep Have on Your Body?

Why do humans require sleep? The importance of sleep is often underestimated. Sleep deprivation has been linked to a number of health issues such as obesity and diabetes. More importantly, though, it decreases your performance, makes you less productive, and can lead to serious health concerns like obesity, disease and early death. Sleeping is a […]

Helpful advice for your family and kids under covid-19

Useful COVID-19 Recommendations For Kids And Families

As the situation around COVID-19 evolves, Cafcass has put together the following recommendations to help children and families. We will do everything possible to assist you and ensure that our service operates as efficiently as possible. This material will be updated on a regular basis. Families can get help with effective co-parenting and kid arrangements […]

The 10 best healthy foods for children healthy food for kids 1 Kid Insider

The 10 best healthy foods for children

You are well aware that giving your children vegetables rather than ice cream is the better option. Nonetheless, what are the healthiest foods for kids, and how do you get them to eat them? Continue reading for expert advice as well as our list of the top ten vegan desserts for kids. Anyone who has […]

poitive talk with kid during pandemic

8 Helpful Ways To Reassure Your Kids During Coronavirus Pandemic

All you’re hearing about coronavirus disease  (COVID-19) right now will easily make you feel overwhelmed and worried. Thus, it’s understandable if your children are nervous as well. Children can struggle to comprehend what they see online or on television – or hear from others – making them especially susceptible to feelings of anxiety, stress, and […]

Suvive summer vacation at home

Summer Vacation at Home with Kids: How to Survive

Are you prepared to make it through summer vacation with your children? Today, we’re going to give you some advice on how to make this summer less stressful so you can concentrate on the fun stuff! Sometimes you may feel it has been a long time since your kids start summer holiday, however, it’s only […]

obliteration room for imagination

When Thousands of Stickers Are Given to Thousands of Children

What will you do or think when facing a wholly white space? Spacious room pluses pure white painting, it encourages people to do something in it. And artist Yayoi Kusama just organized such an activity. Yayoi Kusama created a huge domestic setting for the Queensland Gallery of Modern Art in December, painting every wall, chair, […]

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