How to choose kids ride on cars for children of different heights and body types

ride on car robot

How to choose kids ride on cars for children of different heights and body types

Children are always active and energetic during their childhood. Many parents are confused about how to choose suitable toys for their children. They wonder what kind of toys will enable their kids to have a close contact with outdoor world and exercise them from all respects while parents can also enjoy themselves freely. Given so many factors to be considered, the kids ride on car would be the best choice. But how to choose the perfect toddler car? What kind of toddler car type fits for kids? It is troublesome for parents to change cars for kids varying from height to age. Parents may worry whether kids like the children ride on car, whether the size fits or whether it’s comfortable.

Today we will share practical and durable kids ride on cars that are indispensable for children at different ages, you can get prepared for Black Friday.

According to the previous content we shared, small cars are suitable for children under 41.34 inches in height. Middle-sized cars are suitable for children from 41.34-47.24 inches in height and large cars are suitable for children over 47.24 inches in height.

Ride On Car RobotTH17F0754:

Under 47.25 Inches  small ride on car-Robot  1-6 years old

small ride on car-Robot

This kids ride on car can be multi-functionally used as a baby stroller when children are aged from 12 to 18 months old, a driving car when they are 2 years old, and a scooter when they are over 3 years old, satisfying needs of kids at different ages.

1. 3-in-1 versatile and detachable kids ride on car-robot: Work as a baby stroller, a kids robot car, and an electric scooter.

2. You can choose the kids ride on car for your kids once they are able to sit still by themselves. Kids’ safety is assured as the toddler car is equipped with various tires and seat belts. You can go for a walk and shop in the mall with your little kids in the car. The adjustable handle and tray make the ride on car a portable children’s dining chair, allowing kids to eat outdoors leisurely. The car is also equipped with high-performance clutches. While using, the internal gear and motor are separated, making it more labor-saving when the car is out of power after long-time use or when the baby learns to walk with the baby stroller, offering convenience and safety.

small ride on car-Robot

3. Children can drive the kids robot car when they get older. The manual clutch ensures gear engagement and direction change, enabling kids to make a turn easily without toppling. You can operate the toddler car with the 2.4G remote control if you worry about kids’ driving by themselves. The remote control can be used to adjust the speed and stop the car apart from common functions.

4. The ride on car works as a scooter after removing the seat. Kids can control the direction during driving and parents can control the speed with the remote control. The circuit overload protection equipped ensures safety throughout using this toddler car.

5. Children will be obsessed with this car as it boasts a cute appearance and appealing colors while the robot’s eyes work as lights. They can practice walking and strengthen body coordination ability during playing.

Kids Ride On Jeep-TH17E0789:

41.34-47.24 inches     middle-sized car-jeep     3-6 years old

middle-sized ride on car jeep

Scaled down and built according to the original data, this officially authorized ride on jeep is cool and pretty, following the design of real vehicles. It will light up kids’ moods and enable them to embark on outdoor “adventure journey”.

1. Equipped with anti-slip, wear-resistant, anti-explosion and non-pneumatic off-road wheels with strong grip performance as well as 2 motors and 4 spring-suspension wheels, the ride on jeep is good for various terrains, boosting safety and comfort during driving.

2. Lead battery and UL-certified 12V rechargeable battery equipped provide a long-time cruise (about 1 hour) for kids. Children will enjoy an exciting driving experience with copper movement motors, low rotation speed, great power, long-lasting and steady driving without losing much power.

3. 2 driving modes: Self-driving by children and operated by parents with a remote control. If your kids are active and capable of driving the ride on jeep by themselves, they can manually control the steering wheel, experiencing more fun. If your kids are too small to drive by themselves, it’s more safe to operate by parents. You don’t need to worry about the danger caused by self-driving while using the remote control to operate the steering wheel.

4.  4 lights on the top of the intriguing jeep are available. The whole car shows both the roughness and subtlety of off-road vehicles, bringing a different visual and tactile experience to kids. they will have a better understanding about off-road cars.

Kids Motorcycle-TH17G0539:

47.24 inches and above  large car-motorbike   3-8 years old

kids motorcycle

Based on the design of racing motorbikes on MotoGP racing track, the kids ride on motorbike with training wheels offers kids thrill and safety when driving.

1. This ride on motorbike has a black mechanical appearance, windshield, LED lights, anti-slip paddles, vivid exhaust pipe and strong 35w motor.

2. Children can enjoy music and stories with the built-in music player or enjoy more audio resources through USB, SD card and AUX port. The extra driving joy will bring kids a pleasant driving experience.

3. In order to offer children safety while driving, the ride on motorbike is equipped with spring suspension system on front and rear wheels. The soft start designed keeps kids’ steady and comfortable driving.

4. Outdoor driving enables children to spend more merry time outdoors and it exercises their leg strength and body balance at the meantime.