Best Authorized Ride On Cars

Tobbi authorized ride on cars are the perfect gift for kids age 3 and up. Authorizedride on cars in different styles, colors, scales and brands, such as BMW, Maserati, Lamborghini, Audi, Benz, etc.

Tobbi models are made from high quality materials, designed to replicate real life vehicles down to the finest detail.

Kids will love driving their new authorized electric cars, which is also safe for indoor and outdoor use.

What can I look for in Tobbi Authorized ride on cars?

Kids electric cars is a hot commodity in the toy industry — and it’s not hard to see why. The passion for driving is innate in every child, and by using one of these kids ride on cars, children will get to experience the joy of driving without all the risks associated with real cars. With Tobbi licensed ride on cars, children are able to experience the authentic features of real luxury cars while driving. You can discover more features on Tobbi authorized ride on cars:

Officially authorized by BMW ride on car, Bentley ride on car, Benz ride on car, Audi ride on car, Lamborghini ride on car, Maserati ride on car

3 – gear shift and speed-switch& 2 electric motors

Skid-proof wheels

Remote control supported

Multi-media modes

Soft start setting, ergonomic seat& 3-point safety belt

Are authorized ride on cars safe for children?

Our authorized ride on cars are equipped with safety belts, lights, and remote controls designed for parents to keep children safe. The remote control is operable from 50 meters away, letting your children enjoy the freedom of running around and driving their cars all on their own! For peace of mind, the speed and distance can be limited with a parental control option — keeping your kids safe or giving them some extra room to have fun.

What is the age for authorized ride on cars?

Authorized ride on cars is a popular way to give kids the independence they crave while improving their fine and gross motor skills — all while having fun. While it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the wide selection of authorized brands, so we divide them by ages. Now we will make it clear as following:

Push cars for kids aged 0-2 years

It may be difficult and unsafe for your toddlers to play with electric cars. So push ride on car is a perfect option for your little who is learning to walk. Tobbi Benz authorized ride on push car combines realistic Benz vehicle features with push car, bring babies best luxury car experience, as well as entertainments.

6V and 12V ride on toy cars for kids aged 2-8 years

Tobbi 6V and 12V authorized battery-powered car is a safe and durable design that’s ideal for children ages 2 to 8. It has realistic and safety features, such as seat belts, suspension systems, and parent remote control systems, protecting child riders from harm. Choose your kids’ favorite brand and make them stand out on the streets.