Licensed Maserati Ride On Car 12V

This licensed Maserati ride on car is an excellent choice for kids between the ages of 2 and 8 years old. This battery powered ride on car has been designed to provide a safe, friendly and exciting environment for your little ones. This kids ride on car is perfect for indoor and outdoor use and it has been made to the highest industry standards in order to ensure that your kids have an enjoyable time.

Main features of Tobbi Maserati ride on car

The Maserati kids car is a brilliant, speedy, and powerful ride on toy, made for thrill-seeking kids to drive around the neighbourhood. Engaging in freewheeling drives with this set of wheels offers them the chance to learn about driving, albeit in an incredibly fun manner.

Realistic Maserati design

Maserati is the standard of safety and quality that this kids electric car should be compared against. Our 12V Maserati ride on has a realistic look, feel, and sound of its original, right down to the non-slip footplates, roll-free tires, and the authentic horn sounds. The independent suspension means children can drive at different speeds without hurting themselves or others.

Parental remote control

With its realistic design and features like driving in reverse and forward as well as a low maximum speed, children over five years old can enjoy hours of imaginative play. Plus, it comes with a proportional, 2.4GHz remote to give them control of their ride — even from a distance.


Each Maserati ride on toy car is equipped with an FM radio to allow your little one to relive the adventures of its namesake. The MP3 player allows for listening to their favourite music while they play and sing along.

Choose the suitable 12V Maserati ride on car with remote for kids

With so many ride-on toys to choose from, finding one that is the perfect fit for your child can be a challenge. A good starting point is to look at comfort features. While some kids like playing with car seats, others may prefer more freedom and control of their toys through remote controls.

The ride-on car is one of the best gifts you can give to a toddler. By age 2, kids are developing their sense of balance and coordination, which means they’re more interested in the world around them — and more likely to fall over.  A ride-on car will let them exercise their senses while having fun learning about up, down, left, right, sides and backs with their new driving range.