Tobbi 6V and 12V Kids Ride-On Toy Cars

Tobbi 6V and 12V kids ride on car, which incorporates the essence of childhood and entertainment in one. Tobbi barbies ride on car provides the ultimate experience to your children every time they ride on it. Its mobility is not limited, you can drive it anywhere in your house, the young drivers can easily learn how to control it, and even teach it how to park.

Main features of Tobbi kids ride on toy cars

Ride on toy cars are very popular gifts for kids. It gives the kid a great experience of driving and also allows them to be in control of the vehicle, this means that they can pull off stunts and tricks with ease. Tobbi is an innovative 4 wheeler for children with an amazing design and features.

Simulated vehicles features

Tobbi 6V and 12 volt ride on car, a gift that kids can literally get behind. These kids ride on cars come with everything your child needs to take it for a test drive: forward and reverse functions; forward and backward options; a real car horn and working headlights; and even a speed limiter so that it won’t get too fast for kids aged five and up, who are the best candidates to use this toy.

Parental remote control

The Tobbi Kids Ride on Car is equipped with parental remote control. Parents can operate the car to go forward, backward, left and right. The maximum speed can reach 4km/h. The 12v ride on car with remote control has good suspension system, which makes it can travel on rough roads. The parent control ride on car is made of high-quality steel and it is strong enough to bear up to 100kgs load. The seatbelt is installed for both driver and passenger’s safety.

Complete Functions

Equipped with the built-in music, volume adjustment, power display and steering wheel with a mini horn, the 2 seater ride on car with parental remote control provides an enjoyable driving atmosphere. Designed with Bluetooth and USB, parents can input stories and education materials to creat a learning atmosphere.

What are the types of ride on cars?

Classification by color

Tobbi has more than 10 colors of kids ride on cars to choose from. There are army green ride on car suitable for military fan children, eye absorption orange ride on car, fashionable popular pink ride on car, senior atmosphere classic black and white ride on car. No matter what kind of color there is always one will be your boy and girl’s heart love.

Classification by authorized car

Tobbi  authorized ride on cars in different styles, colors, scales and brands, such as bentley ride on car, mercedes ride on car, Lamborghini ride on car, Land rover ride on car, etc. The authorized car is compatible with the brand’s characteristics and Tobbi’s design philosophy. For the children of car fans, your kids can also have your own “real car”.

Classification by style

Ride on car with parental remote control and bluetooth also comes in many styles. There are remote control ride on car 2 seater suitable for highways, and 4 wheeler ride on toy cars such as ride on trucks suitable for mountains, ride on jeeps, ride on atv suitable for off-road, and ride on police cars with solitary style. What’s more, scientifically designed kids 360° spinning ride on bumper car & ride on push car is a wonderful present for your children’s birthday or Christmas. You can find any popular children’s car you want on the market at Tobbi!