Encourage Your Kids to Play Outside More in 2023

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Encourage Your Kids to Play Outside More in 2023

Exploring, adventuring, and playing outside were some of my favorite childhood memories. Even as an adult, I need to get some fresh air and exercise outside. Of course, once I became a parent, I wanted my children to develop a love of the outdoors as well. I began with stroller or baby carrier walks, then moved on to playgrounds and outdoor toys such as a sandbox, playhouse, and anything with wheels. Today, I’m going to talk about some great toys that will get your kids outside this year.

Benefits of outdoor play

As a parent and someone who works with children, I am aware that outdoor play is crucial for a variety of reasons. In addition to the obvious benefit of providing children with daily exercise, outdoor play offers a variety of educational opportunities.

Children can play freely, make up their own rules, be loud, climb, and jump when they are outside. As a result, this boosts their self-assurance, which may then transfer to other aspects of their lives, like school. With adult supervision, children must be able to take calculated risks and overcome challenges in order to learn and develop their skills. Playing with friends outside gives them the chance to converse, cooperate, solve problems, and develop their gross and fine motor abilities.

As a mother, you may enjoy taking your boys outside to supervise them and ensure that they are wearing the appropriate clothing for the season, such as a raincoat and boots, splash pants, a snow suit, sunscreen, hats, and more. I’m almost positive that children don’t feel the cold like we adults do, so be sure you have your own clothing and equipment.

Get riding

play outside

Children enjoy moving quickly outside, and that may involve a wheeled object. I’m referring to everything, including RC cars, e-bikes, and bicycles. I used to enjoy riding my bike when I was young. In actuality, I do. There’s a liberating quality to it. Prior to the popularity of balance bikes among young children, my sons were born. From a tricycle to a two-wheeler with training wheels to a two-wheeler without training wheels, they made the switch. They were unable to be stopped after that and enjoyed riding bikes with their friends.

They transitioned to scooters as they grew older. Both the regular scooter and one with larger wheels—which was excellent for gravel pathways—are available. Kids can now choose an electric scooter. When their tiny legs tire and they need a little boost, this is a great option. Additionally, it will spare parents from having to carry their children’s scooters or push them up hills.

Some kids have a passing fondness for RC cars. Even though they might not offer much exercise, they frequently draw a crowd and promote social interactions, both of which are crucial for children. Additionally, it’s a nice way for kids to make friends outside of the classroom who share their interests.

I’ve always stressed the value of donning a helmet. Protecting their growing and developing brain is crucial, whether they were biking, scootering, rollerblading, ice skating, or skiing. Now that they are older, they always put on a helmet without even giving it a second thought. It is additionally necessary when riding in many provinces.

Playhouses and sandboxes for outside play

When most kids were young, the playhouse and matching sandbox was one of the best and most frequently used purchases. Children who engage in imaginative play develop their creativity and communication abilities. They can practice these abilities by playing outside. Kids would build cities in their sandbox and serve up many meals from their tiny playhouse. When friends brought their kids over, we parents would relax outside while the kids played for hours.

When we bought our playhouse and sandbox, parents prioritized durability and building material. Good toys are passed down to the younger cousins and can last for nearly 20 years with little wear. If you have the space, you can even find many playhouses that have a play structure attached for more play options.

Educational play outside


A telescope, obstacle courses, and fort building kits are some options for both play and education if you have a child who enjoys exploring new things and is a hands-on learner.

For children who are interested in planets and all things space-related, telescopes are an excellent educational tool. They could easily spend hours looking for stars, planets, the moon, and other objects in the sky. How cool would it be to follow the moon’s phases and get a close-up view of the various moons throughout the year?

Kids seem to naturally gravitate toward obstacle courses, which are another favorite among kids. They’ll even construct their own without adult supervision. Although there are some fantastic obstacle course kits available to get your kids started, I find that their imaginations allow them to look around a room and use a variety of objects to create one.

I haven’t yet come across a kid who doesn’t enjoy making forts. Forts provide hours of entertainment, and the cleanup is totally worthwhile. Your children can now take fort building outside thanks to some fantastic fort building kits that are readily available. They can play and eat outside while using picnic blankets as the floor and roof. Kids enjoy picnics too, so imagine how much fun it would be to have one with them in the fort they built out of their own hands, imagination, and a little muscle.

As an adult, I am aware that children pick up life lessons from their peers and the adults in their lives, so it is crucial to set a good example and provide the necessary clothing and accessories to promote outdoor play throughout the year.

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