Though usually, our products are of satisfactory, events of low possibility might happen (Oops). Don’t worry, check our following answers to see if it can help!
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  • 1.Accessory is missing or brokenAdd ImageAccessories may be missing:
    screws/nuts/washers, steering axle, steering wheel, charger, battery, windshield, front/rear axle, wheel hub cap, remote control, side mirrors.
    Accessories may be broken:
    windshield, front/rear bumper, front/rear bracket, steering axle, steering wheel wires, driven connector, front car, side mirrors, headlight/taillight, steering motor, wheels, car body, drive motor wires, battery cord, battery box, seat, wheel hub cap.
    If there’s any accessory missing, please circle out the name of this accessory in the instruction book. Either it is missed or broken, please contact us immediately.

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Function Questions

  • 1.My car cannot move and has no light or music?Add ImageMay because:
    🚗The power switch is broken.
    🚗The wires under the power switch has fallen off.
    🚗The battery is dead.
    🚗The charging port is defective.
    🚗The central control box or fuse is defective.
  • 2.My car has light and music, yet cannot move?Add ImageMay because:
    🚗The forward/ backward switch is broken.
    🚗The wires under the forward/backward switch have fallen off.
    🚗The pedal switch is broken.
    🚗The wires under the pedal switch have fallen off.
    🚗The drive motor is broken. Please remove the plug of the motor and connect it directly to both ends of the battery to check whether the motor is rotating or not.
  • 3.My car has light and music, yet only moves backward?Add ImageMay because:
    🚗The forward/backward switch is broken.
    🚗The wires under the forward/backward switch has fallen off.
  • 4.My car has light and music, yet cannot steer?Add ImageMay because:
    🚗The steering motor is broken.
    🚗The steering axle dosen’t hook the wheel bar on the bottom of the car.
    🚗The steering axle is broken.
    🚗The screws of the steering wheel are not properly jammed.
  • 5.My car works fine, only has no music?Add ImageMay because:
    🚗The MP3 control panel is damaged.
    🚗The speaker is broken.
  • 6.The remote control cannot control my car?Add ImageMay because:
    🚗The remote control is broken.
    🚗The central control box is broken.
    🚗The remote control battery is low. Please put a new battery into the remote control.
    🚗The remote control and the controller model specifications do not match.
  • 7.The remote control cannot make my car steer?Add ImageMay because:
    🚗The remote control is broken.
    🚗The steering motor is borken.
    🚗The steering axle is broken.

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  • 1.Your motorcycle won’t work?Add ImageThe cause may be as follows:
    🧒🏻The power switch is broken or the wires under the power switch have fallen off.
    🧒🏻The forward/backward switch is broken.
    🧒🏻The fuse is broken.
    🧒🏻The battery is damaged or the battery cable is loose.
    🧒🏻Loose or damaged charging port.
    🧒🏻The drive motor is damaged
  • 2.How to make sure whether the charger is defective or the battery?Add ImagePlease check STEP by STEP:
    🧒🏻Connect the charger to the wall outlet, after 5-10 minutes, please touch the charger shell to check if it gets hot.
    OR Connect the charger to the wall outlet to see if the indicator of the charger turns red.
    🧒🏻When the car is turned on, insert the charger into the charging port to see if the car will automatically shut down. If it automatically shut down, the charging port is fine.
  • 3.Is there any potential safety hazard if I use batteries of other brands?Add ImageYES. So please, when using other brands of batteries, you must choose a lead-acid battery with the corresponding parameters, and the battery size must match, otherwise, the battery size that does not meet the same model will not fit.
  • 4.To meet what specific requirements can the remote control, charger, or battery be in common use?Add Image🧒🏻Different models of remote control cannot be matched. Therefore, each controller model must correspond to the corresponding car model.
    🧒🏻Long as the charger corresponds to the same parameters, it can be universal.
    The battery has the corresponding parameters and must be lead-acid, also the size must match or it would not fit.

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