Great Kids Power Wheel Speed Pedal Guide In 2022

great guide on power wheel speed pedal

Great Kids Power Wheel Speed Pedal Guide In 2022

Nothing is more appealing than speeding up your kids power wheel, especially if they’re older and the pace has gotten too slow for their active little minds. Ride on cars are expensive, and it’s a waste to have one collecting dust in your garage since your child is bored with the slow ride. However, if you want to upgrade your battery, you should think about getting a variable speed pedal.

Electronic speed control is required to boost power wheel toys with a variable speed pedal while also protecting your youngster and the factory’s 12-volt components. Variable speed pedals make for smoother rides, better control, and better terrain management. They also reduce factory component stress and damage.

Despite the fact that your kids cars are a toy, they are a piece of potentially deadly machinery for a young child. When making any changes, you must make sure that your child’s safety is your top priority. However, you may increase the pace of your power wheel without jeopardizing your child’s safety, and here are some ideas to help you safely increase the speed with variable speed pedals.

improve power wheel pedal to be faster

Why To Improve Your Kids Power Wheel Speed

When it comes to kids car toys, a power wheel for kids is a relatively expensive purchase. When it comes to your wallet, it’s not cheap, ranging between $100 and $350. Because of the significant initial commitment, parents frequently discover that their children become bored with the low speeds and limited terrain challenges. It’s possible that the car will end up taking up room in your garage.

The Benefits Of Kids Power Wheel Speed Pedal

Simply upgrading your ride on cars’ battery capacity may boost speed, but the higher battery power may cause more harm in the long run. The default wiring and configuration on the kids car won’t survive the higher voltage, and elements like the little plastic gearbox will wear down over time, potentially damaging or burning out the motor.

Furthermore, just increasing the battery’s capacity may make the car difficult to manage and may cause damage to the battery and motor’s circuit boards. Because electric motors have a lot of torque, increasing your battery capacity will place too much strain on the factory components if the driver doesn’t progressively raise the power. Variable speed pedals provide you with the control you need to make your power wheel upgrade a success.

Upgrade A DIY Kids Car Variable Pedal

We do advise that using the improper battery or charger might result in overheating, fire, or explosion, and the custom kits are a safer, more fail-safe solution for your children’s safety. Any warranty you might have with the manufacturer will be void if you increase the battery power. Increasing the speed of the ride-on car might be risky, and you should not make home changes lightly.

A simple battery update could give your kids power wheel a boost in speed, but it’s critical to match the right battery to the car’s manufacturer components. A lithium battery replacement, for example, could be troublesome because lithium batteries have a significantly higher discharge rating than the SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) battery in your ride on cars.

The extra ‘punch’ motors may burn out, and gears may strip extremely quickly if you don’t have a clutch in your riding on the buffer. SLA automobiles employ a gel type of acid for a slower discharge and feature a safety vent to release gas in the event of severe internal temperature build-up. As a result, utilizing a lawnmower/motorcycle battery is risky, as the liquid could boil or explode.

Most ESCs have a dialed control output, which comes in helpful when you have small children. Parents can progressively increase the kids car’s speed to match their children’s improved capability. As the child’s dexterity and riding skills improve, the parent will have more control over the proper speeds.

Variable speed controllers for Razor scooters, as well as the pedals, wiring, and connections, are available for DIY use. A 30-amp inline fuse, an ESC, and a USB power source adaptor for a drill battery have all proven to be successful mods. However, if you aren’t mechanically inclined, there are custom kits available that can help you avoid many of the risks associated with home power wheel changes.

you can upgrade power wheel pedal easily

Kids Power Wheel Toys With ESC And Speed Pedal

The Eastcoast powerUp is a high-performance ESC upgrade kit for any kids electric car that does not have rubber wheels. Users can replace all of the factory wirings with a new wiring system that includes all of the parts and safety features needed to boost the speed of their power wheel toys without putting the factory construction at risk.

Several fail-safe measures are included with the controller. Let’s imagine a child mistakenly depresses the throttle pedal while the automobile is running; the kids car will not take off and will only respond when the throttle is released. The controller also features sensors that will disconnect the battery’s controller connection if there is a mechanical problem.

A high-quality metal variable throttle and brake pedal, as well as three 40-amp relays for failsafe, brake, and reverse functions, are included in the package. Several pieces are pre-assembled and soldered in the plug-and-play kit, so all you have to do is crimp connectors. The variable brake pedal decreases wheel lock, softens braking, and protects gearboxes and tires from wear and tear.


In your kids power wheel, a simple battery upgrade could do more harm than good. For proper operation, increases in amperage and voltage necessitate equivalent modifications to the ESC and variable speed pedals. While some technical knowledge is required for DIY work, bespoke kits are a tried and true way to increase your speed safely.

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