How many kids toys are too many?

How many kids toys are too many

How many kids toys are too many?

Why are kids toys so popular? We always present our children with the most precious gifts at different festivals, such as Christmas, new year, thanksgiving day, Halloween, etc. According to a study carried by Michigan State University Extension, “In the United States, we have 3 percent of the world’s children and 40 percent of the world’s toys, with the average child receiving 70 new toys a year.” This is an alert to us as parents. Too many toys for kids actually bring a negative effect on their growth. Nowadays, our parents usually tend to say “yes” to children. We always try to satisfy them and give them the most love in our capacity. But children have no idea how many toys they should have. Less is more, too many toys may spoil them. There are some demerits concluded for you.

Demerits for kids to have too many toys:

1.Easy To Be Bored, Easy To Give Up

Toys won’t be much attractive to kids who have too many toys, they receive toys frequently and would think that they should have so many toys effortlessly. Thus they care less about each toy and are easy to be bored with a toy and then discard it away without wincing.

2.Less Exploration For A New Kid’s Toy And New Way To Play

Too many toys for them to choose from, children tend to pass on them more frequently. They won’t take time to explore more playing ways for each toy and easily give up once there’s a little difficulty or unpleasant thing. Children won’t take time and energy to overcome an awkward problem over time. Besides, there would be a shorter attention span on each toy for kids since more toys are waiting for them.   

3.Kids Will Ask More Toys, Financial Pressure On Parents

Children are used to having so many toys and will ask more, which brings much financial pressure to our parents. You may think that you should give them a variety of toys and develop different skills. But in fact, you can cultivate their interest in all aspects, encourage them to play with friends, explore more outdoor activities, and so on. The money you spent on toys can be used to cultivate their other various hobbies.

4.Less Care For toddler Toys, Take Too Many Toys For Granted

Less is rare. Toys would be common without any novelty and less precious to a kid who owns so many toys. They won’t cherish a toy even you spent a lot of money and time on it.

5.More Old Kid’s Toys Need To Be Dealt With, Parents Have To De-Clutter

You won’t stand so many toys piled in your house. So you have to get around to organize them, how to deal with used toys has become a tricky problem. But whether presenting to others or donating them, it will be very troublesome. And if a child has too many toys, there will be more broken toys accordingly, which is also a waste of resources.

too many kids toy car

As a research by ScienceDirect shows, fewer toys at once may help toddlers to focus better and play more creatively. Now that there are so many demerits for children having too many toys, what can we do to avoid these problems?

Suggestions for you if kids have too many toys:

1.Sort Improper Or Unused Kid’s Toys Out

If you find your kids are bored with too many toys and update their toys quite frequently, it’s time for you to clean some toys out of use. These toys may be unsuitable for their age or do not interest them anymore. Few efficient toys would be better for kids’ healthy growth, getting their more attention and stimulate them to find more new ways to play a toy.

2.Let Your Kids Know You Take Effort To Get A New Toy

Teach your child to love and cherish their toys and tell them you put a lot of effort to get it. Let them interact with a toy in more new and creative ways.

3.Learn To Say No To Your Kids

If your kids have already owned many toys and they still ask for more, please learn to say no to them. They would cherish their new toy a lot if they take the effort to get one.

4.Give Your Kids A Brilliant DurableToy

What would be a brilliant toy for your kids? That depends on your kids’ interests, some like kids ride-on, some fall in love with a plane toy, and some are interested in toy blocks. Learning to observe and interact with them to know their interest and present them a surprised toy. In addition, a toy with poor quality won’t provide your child a much comfortable using experience and deliver long reliable service. children would instinctively avoid playing with these toys. So the quality would be a major consideration when you are going to purchase a toy for kids. We believe our kid’s ride-on toy won’t let you down in this respect. For example, the truck crafted from ABS Plastic and ASTM-certified material with big 14 inch EVA tires and working suspension, wear-resistant leather seating would deliver years of great service. If your kids happen to be interested in the ride-on car, you might as well buy one for him. It will be a cool toy for your kids.

tobbi kids car toy ride-on

Give your little one less toy, the use of imagination can become more fully developed. More ways to playing a toy would be explored. A little problem would deter them from probing into a toy, problem-solving skills would be increased. Children would learn to cherish what they have. More time is given to them to play with their friends and enhance their social skills largely, to get outdoors and explore nature. You as parents can release on financial pressure and do fewer extra house chores for too many toys.  

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