How To Get Your Kids Toys Clean And Sanitized Correctly

How To Get Your Kids Toys Clean And Sanitized Correctly

You probably care about whether your kids’ loved toys are broken and out of style or not, but have you ever noticed that these toys for children are gradually crawling with germs and specks of dirt day by day? Think about it, kids toys, especially those outdoor toys, can easily carry various bacteria from outside. More importantly, as kids’ closest companions, toys are not only for children playing with but sleeping with even chewing on. Thus, it’s easy for kids to get sick or flu due to dirty toys.

Clean and disinfect toys regularly and correctly can help build a healthy environment and prevent kids from getting sick to a large extent. What’s more, it’s also conducive to keep toys in good condition except looking clean and tidy. However, cleaning your kids’ precious toys is a professional task that needs some methods. But don’t worry, it won’t be complicated or strenuous as you imagine. We have listed some methods and skills below, to teach you clean and sanitize toys and keep your babies safe.

How often to clean kids toy

Actually, it depends. Different toys have different requirements. Before getting to know how to clean, it’s important to make the cleaning period clear. Parents can category kids toys according to how much children love the toys and the material, then start to clean them complying with our guidelines.

For the plush toy, it’s clear that it can easily carry many germs with its fur. You’d better wash them once a week, considering most kids like to sleep with plush toys. Many plush toys are machine washable now, which won’t cost you lots of time.

Small plastic toys are probably kids’ favorite toys that they play with every day. Meanwhile, such toys are the ones that kids prefer to chew on due to the small size. It’s important to clean and sanitize them after each play.

Your kids must have at least one electric toy, right? Then you shall be careful when cleaning it in case of any malfunctions. Just wipe the surface weekly and not let water get into the wire battery.

Kids’ frequency of playing with toys will tell you how often you shall clean them. Oh, if your children get sick or flu unluckily, remember to clean and sanitize their toys immediately.

 Clean and disinfect your kids toys in a right way

Clean electric kids toy

With more and more electric products and toys being ubiquitous parts in your family, it’s important to clean them correctly. Just like you won’t wipe your TV with much water, cleaning the surface of electric toys is enough. 

Imagine that your children have an electric ride-on car, the first essential step before cleaning is to turn off and disconnect the toy car. Then, get a clean cloth immersed in soap water and wrung out, wipe the surface of a ride-on car. It can help you remove main stains and dirt.

Get a cloth dipped in clean water and remove the soap, and wipe the surface again, then air dry. When you finish the above steps, you have cleaned the electric kids’ toy well. But remember not to let much water flow into any wire or electrical components inside, or your kids may not able to drive their loved cars freely.

Some parents probably want further disinfection, you can use a sanitized cloth or spray some alcohol on the surface, then wipe it to kill germs and bacteria. 

Kids like to cruise around with their ride-on cars and show up in front of you with some dirt on themselves and cars. It’s not a big deal, and wiping the surface is also convenient and quick. But don’t clean when they are charging!

How to clean electric kids toys correctly

Clean plastic kids toy

Various plastic kids toys like animal figures, blocks, and so on sound like a headache for parents. Luckily, you don’t have to clean them separately. 

Just put these kids toys into a bucket with warm soapy water, and clean them weekly. Then use a cloth to dry these toys or just air dry, be sure no remaining water on plastic toys.

Since kids always like to bite small figures or blocks, it’s essential to disinfect them regularly. You can spray some Clorox or chlorine bleach on a clean cloth, but this liquid is only friendly to colorfast toys. With Clorox or alcohol, wipe the toys’ surface to disinfect and keep them wet for at least 12 seconds. If you use blench, you shall sanitize the toys for 5 minutes to reach the best effects, and air dries them finally. But there is one thing you shall remember, to use fresh blench every time. 

Sanitizing is different from simple cleaning, in which you shall be more careful with the usage and volume. Excessive alcohol will remain on the surface of toys, don’t forget your kids like to chew on them.

Clean plush kids toy

As it’s mentioned before, most plush toys are washable and you only need to directly put them in the washing machine. However, there are still other plush toys that are not suitable for direct washing. We will talk about it first.

You have two ways to check if you can put plush toys in washing machines. First, care labels attached to toys can tell you the best way to clean. The other one is to use water. Drop the water on the surface of the plush toy and observe if the color bleeds. If so, you shall hand wash them next.

For these that can’t be washed in washers and some exquisite plush toys, cleaning the surface is enough. Immerse a clean cloth into the clean water and wrung out well. Then carefully wipe the surface to remove dirt. After cleaning, use a hairdryer to dry the fur. 

Considering your kids often hold their plush toys to sleep with, you’d better use a garment steamer to disinfect them. It can help to kill many germs.

To clean plush toys in a washing machine, we highly recommend that put these toys in a pillow slip first. It can prevent plush toys from damages. Switch the machine to gentle mode and warm water. Don’t rush to take toys out, use a hairdryer on low heat to dry the pillow slip and toys directly, which are helpful to protect the fur.

Cleaning kids toys correctly and regularly can not only protect toys and keep them looking well but keep kids safe. Don’t make your kids toy dirtier, we all hope kids can play happily and healthily. 

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