Is it necessary to buy electric cars for kids?

kids electric car

Is it necessary to buy electric cars for kids?

Different people have different views on whether it is necessary to buy kids’ electric cars.

Exercise children’s sense of control and ability to distinguish direction. The ability to react to obstacles and hand-eye coordination ability have also been developed. Moreover, training of kid’s electric vehicle can also help children master and adapt to transportation tools early, which not only enriches their life, but also brings strong satisfaction and happiness to those who are crazy about cars.

Of course, someone may think electric vehicles are valueless. For example, they take lots of room, and children may just play for a while, etc. Though these problems do exist, you can’t expect children to like one toy forever without any changes. If the finance and home space allow, you can consider buying one if your children are crazy about cars. It is worth creating happy moments for children in their short childhood, which is the true idea as a parent.

Types of Kids’ Electric Cars

1. Electric Car

(Includes: sports car, SUV, UTV, bumper car, etc.)

Generally, it is the car type with the largest sales volume in the market:

Children of 1-2 years old can not control a car, parents can play with children with the remote control; children above 3 years old can control by themselves, but parents still need to accompany them.

2. Electric Motorcycle

Not recommended for children under 3 years old as they will fall easily. Some motorcycles are not equipped with remote control, so their prices are lower than electric cars.

kids motorcycle

3. Electric Construction Vehicle

It is generally suitable for children over 3 years old. In addition to the basic functions of forward and backward move, it also has expanding functions like real engineering cars like tractors, excavators, cranes, loading trucks, dump trucks and others, which can exercise children’s thinking ability and coordination ability.

4. Plush Electric Ride-on

It is a type of electric toys that integrates children’s toys, plush toys, buggies, entertainment cars and electric cars. It is generally suitable for children over 4 years old. This type is not usually bought for home, but will be played in amusement parks. It is not not practical and recommended to buy.

Standards for Selecting Kids’ Electric Cars

1. Depend on Ages

Buy according to kids’ ages but not for children younger than 1 years old because they are too young to sit stably. Parents can buy electric cars for children aged 1-2. Although they can’t control themselves, it is also comfortable to enjoy a ride under their parents’ remote control, and it will contribute their learning for future operation. Parents can buy electric vehicles for children over 3 years old, and let them control independently.

2. Depend on Brands

The first choice is well-known brands, under which the quality and after-sales service must be better in both. The technology input is proportional to the price, so it is always right to choose the best within your budget.

3. Depend on Budget

Choose the best within your affordable range.

4. Depend on Parameters

A. Car Body

Prefer famous brands. The car materials under famous brands should be safe to chew and without a pungent smell.

The space inside. It is directly related to the sitting comfort of children.

The safe assurance. There should be a seat belt (five-point type and waist type are the best) and lockable doors.

Extra features. It will be better to have trunks, independent lights, pull rods or handles, music, USB and more. (If you’re a lady, be sure to consider having a pull bar or handle! Otherwise you may be exhausted when the car is out of power!)

B. Battery

The lead-acid battery is safer than the lithium battery. The lithium battery is not eco-friendly, which is harmful to children’s health. Lithium battery explosion events are common in the news. Therefore, it is always right to choose the lead-acid battery.

Motor: The more motors an electric car has, the stronger the driving force will be, especially when climbing.

C. Wheels

Foam wheels, rubber tires and plastic wheels are relatively wear-resistant. At present, the main wheels on the market are hollow plastic wheels.

D. Safety Certification

Select car brands that have passed various safety certification including ASTM (USA) or CE (Europe) certification.

In a word, we recommend choosing the best electric car for children within your budget. Well, come to TOBBI and choose a suitable car for your children.