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is it ok to use motorcycle batteries in power wheel?

Is It Possible To Use A Kids Motorcycle Battery In A Kids Power Wheel?

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Yes, a kids motorbike battery can be used with kids power wheel, although it is not recommended for a variety of reasons. The alternator of a ride on motorcycle battery charges the battery while the motorcycle runs. A motorcycle battery can be drained to the point of no return in just one ride around the block, which isn’t the case with a ride on car.

We’ll delve deeper into this topic in this piece, as well as answer some other frequently asked questions about ride on power wheels and kids motorbike batteries.

Is it safe to use a motorcycle battery in a remote control power wheel?

While a kids motorbike battery can be used in a power wheel for kids, it is not recommended. An alternator keeps a 12-volt lead-acid-acid accumulator charged while the bike is running.

The voltage rarely drops below 8 volts. The motorbike battery on a ride on car, on the other hand, does not have an alternator, therefore it might quickly lose its charge.

This is not only bad for the kids electric cars, but it also shortens the life of your motorcycle toy battery because you’re constantly recharging it at a lower voltage than was originally required.

kids power wheel battery charger and remote controller

Why a motorcycle battery shouldn’t be used in power wheels

Here are a few reasons why a motorcycle battery should not be used in a kids power wheel:

The problem with the alternator

Most ride on motorcycles come with 12-volt sealed lead-acid batteries, as previously stated. When the bike is running, the alternator charges the battery.

The battery’s voltage should not go below 8 volts at any time. Alternators, on the other hand, are not found on ride on cars.

This means that every time you stop or put your foot down to slow down or speed up, the motorcycle battery is swiftly depleted and wears out faster than if you were using an original kids cars battery.

While the battery may operate when your child first turns on the toy, it will be drained far more quickly and will not be able to maintain a charge for as long.

Special chargers are included with electric cars for kids

Each remote control power wheel battery comes with its own charger, which may or may not be compatible with motorbike batteries. The main distinction is that the kids motorcycle battery requires a high-amp charge and cannot be charged as slowly or deeply as the battery in a toy car.

As a result, if you wish to go back and forth between your children’s toys without risking damage to either, you may need to acquire another charger.

The problem with amperage

Most parents are unaware that batteries with the same voltage rating but varying amps output can exist. Most 12-volt kids power wheels batteries, for example, have a capacity of 9.5Ah, which means they provide 9.5 amps of current per hour.

Small motorcycles use 12-volt batteries with capacities ranging from 10 to 12 amps, whereas larger motorcycles use batteries with capacities of up to 20 amps.

When using a ride on motorbike battery instead of a power wheel battery, the difference in amps can cause issues. Voltage regulation, low-voltage sensing, and charge acceptance can all be affected.

Furthermore, the higher the amps, the faster they might drain and destroy the system.

kids motorcycle battery is different from power wheel's

Power Wheels vs. Kids Motorcycles Batteries: What’s the Difference?

The following are the primary distinctions between these two types of batteries:

Motorcycle batteries require a high-amperage charge and cannot be charged as slowly or thoroughly as power wheel batteries.

The ride on cars battery is not regulated in the same manner that motorcycle batteries are, which means it can easily be overcharged or undercharged, resulting in poor performance.

This means that batteries with the same voltage rating but differing amps output may cause issues if a motorbike battery is used instead of a kids car battery.

The physical size of the battery is another big distinction. A 12-volt sealed lead-acid accumulator, which is slightly smaller than those seen in kids power wheel cars, is commonly found on motorcycles.

So, what’s the answer?

If your kids electric cars battery is broken or missing, you should get a replacement battery that is similar to the damaged one.

Each ride on cars brand has its own set of batteries. These batteries are constructed of high-quality materials, making them both safe and dependable.

The replacement battery is available directly from the manufacturer or through Amazon.

How often should a power wheel battery be charged?

It is dependent on how frequently your child utilizes it. Even if the car toy is not being used at the time, it is recommended to recharge the battery once the voltage drops below 8.0 volts.

When should a ride on car battery be replaced?

If the ride on toy won’t start or the battery runs out too rapidly, you’ll need to replace it. The power wheel’s battery life is determined by how often and for how long your child uses it.

It’s possible that the kids car’s battery has to be replaced if it won’t start or run. If possible, use a voltage meter to measure the current output of each cell in the batteries to check for this (you cannot do this with sealed lead-acid batteries).

The voltage readings must be within the specified range. If not, you must replace it as soon as possible.

You may also notice that the charger’s light is not turning on, indicating that your kids power wheel is not charging.

If your power wheel battery is damaged or missing, consider purchasing a replacement from the original manufacturer to ensure that it meets all compatibility and safety criteria.

They will last longer this way, and you will avoid the problems that arise with utilizing an incompatible or low-quality product.


While a kids motorcycle battery can start a power wheel, they are not interchangeable, and using one on your kids toy can cause damage. For optimum results, obtain a new battery from the original manufacturer or order one online.

Hopefully, this essay has provided you with the information and direction you require to make a more informed decision. Alternatives to kids electric cars batteries are available.

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