Notice and Guidelines for Purchasing Fancy Kids Ride on Cars

Tobbi ride on car

Notice and Guidelines for Purchasing Fancy Kids Ride on Cars

New Year is here, and it’s time to rack your brains to choose gifts for children. When it comes to what children like most, the answer is toys of course. It will be a wonderful choice to buy a kids ride on car whether as a prize for your kids or as a gift for relatives and friends.

Children’s ride on cars are mainly divided into baby walkers, toddler strollers, kid tricycles, children bicycles and children electric cars. There are different kids ride on cars for children of different ages.

Compared with non-electric vehicles, children’s electric cars at present have more and more functions, which can attract children’s attention and gain their affection.

As a trendy kids’ toy, children’s electric cars are simulated electric vehicles driven by motors, which are easy to operate. Kids can drive by themselves and interact with their parents.

Instructions For Ride On Car:

Suitable Age: 3-8 years old (36-96 months old)

Main Types: Mainly four-wheel electric kids cars, and three-wheel electric cars are relatively small in size.

Maximum Weight Capacity: About 66 lbs

Speed: 1.86-3.1 mph in general

Some Notice For Kids Ride On Car:


Dangerous Cracks

There are many dangerous cracks on electric vehicles, and the positions of cracks in different cars also vary. Parents should pay special attention to the cracks between moving parts that children can reach with their fingers, especially the steering parts of three-wheel cars and the door hinge parts of four-wheel electric cars.

Small Parts

Kids ride on cars are mainly suitable for children from 36 to 96 months old, so small parts are allowed according to the standard. Parents should pay attention to adjustment knobs or some parts that are easy to be unscrewed by children, in case that children will swallow them.

Sharp Edges, Sharp Points

Generally, there are no sharp points and sharp edges on children’s vehicles, but it is possible to purchase some inferior products that contains plastic burrs or exposed screw tips, which may cause harm to children. Parents should also pay attention to these problems.

In addition, it is rare that heavy metals exceeding the standard in kids ride on cars, but parents should pay more attention to avoid buying some inferior products, which cause harm to children once they swallow some parts.


At present, it is found that there exists excessive noise in some kids’ cars. So I would like to remind parents not to blindly pursue cool sound effects and high volume when purchasing electric vehicles. Too sharp tones, shocking bass or excessive volume will cause irreversible damage to children’s hearing.

In summary, the basic steps of purchasing children’s electric cars are as followings:

  1. Make sure the price you want to buy.
  2. Make sure whether to choose three-wheel electric cars or four-wheel electric cars with single seat or double seats.
  3. Give priority to kids’ cars authorized by well-known brands or auto-mobile companies.
  4. Read the introduction of target electric vehicles. Ask the customer service whether the vehicles have the functions you need, and whether the price corresponds to the configuration.
  5. Ask children to choose the color they like.

Of course, there are also many unlicensed electric cars with high quality. Parents should choose the most cost-effective ones that are popular among children according to their actual functional needs.