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🔥TOBBI 3 in 1 Robot Giveaway🔥 Round 3!!!

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$10 coupon

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1️⃣. Comment and tag 3 of your friends at TOBBI’s giveaway post on these platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok.

2️⃣. Take a screenshot, then go to the Chatbox here in the corner or Facebook page, say “third giveaway” to TOBBI, then submit the screenshot📸 of your comment to get your coupon.

Robot Giveaway 2844687
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Get 30 points=


The highest score⤵️



⏰We will announce the winner at the end day. 

Start on Monday, 5/16, at 0:00 AM, and ends on Tuesday, 5/30 at 0:00 AM, must be 18+ and US&AU based. 

At the end of this activity, we will publish the ranking list. Spam and any cheating behaviors are not allowed💣. Note these coupons could only be used in ordering robot buggy. We will check the entries manually, so please treat your answer seriously.

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