Summer Vacation at Home with Kids: How to Survive

Suvive summer vacation at home

Summer Vacation at Home with Kids: How to Survive

Are you prepared to make it through summer vacation with your children? Today, we’re going to give you some advice on how to make this summer less stressful so you can concentrate on the fun stuff!

Sometimes you may feel it has been a long time since your kids start summer holiday, however, it’s only severy days. Why time flies so slowly? And you keep asking when your little ones can sit on the bus going back to school.

Or luckily, your kids go out to play basketball or with ride-on cars with a group of friends, you can finally stay alone and enjoy your interesting stuff. However, on certain days, it seems that they only leave the house for 5 minutes before returning hungry.

Be patient, now we are going to teach you some helpful ways to let you survive your kids’ summer vacation at home. Let’s start!

Stock enough snacks

Kids will feel hungry quicker and be crazier about snacks than you can imagine. It’s reasonable that kids are at a stage making them so ravenous for snacks, especially at home. 

Besides, considering your kids might invite their friends to a sleepover, so enough snacks stock can help a lot.

Be clear about how many days are your kids’ summer vacation, then prepare enough snacks for this period. So that you don’t have to worry that they suddenly come for you to ask for food though they have just finished their breakfast. And your preparation will make kids satisfied and create your own time.

Set an energy station

It seems that this strategy is similar to the previous one, actually, it’s a kind of combination. Setting an energy station in your house, and putting various snacks there. So kids can easily go and choose their favorite to eat instead of bothering you if you’re still on the bed.

But don’t forget to replenish it when the station is close to be empty.

Create a schedule

You must have experienced such a sense that kids continually ask you that when to eat, what time is for play when you play with me, and so on. Probably you have had a clear schedule to arrange kids’ activities in your mind, however, kids don’t know.

Just like the timetable kids have in school, you’d better set a schedule at home. List the exact time for breakfast/lunch/dinner, the time for a snack, the time for sleep, and the time for playing, etc. You can find a blackboard or just write them on paper, then hang them on the wall to show your kids. Believe me, it helps a lot.

Once you make the timetable for kids, they can have a clear understanding of what to expect at a certain moment. Meanwhile, you can also know what time to do your own business and if your kids need you.

Outdoor play

We totally understand that you want your own leisure time to enjoy yourself. But your kids also need you sometimes. It’s summer vacation, so you can’t be absent on a vacation.

Choose a suitable time to take your kids for outdoor play. Go hiking together, have a picnic in the park, or play with ride-on cars with kids using the remote control. You are also an essential part of kids’ summer vacation.

Join your kids’ playtime from time to time, and it’s conducive to your health. Meanwhile, it helps to increase the interactions between parents and children. Create your wonderful family memories and preserve them.

Back to old-fashioned playtime

Do you remember when is the last time you and your kids played with those old-fashioned games? Like jump rope, hide and seek, etc. 

Nowadays, kids are much more immersed in screens and ignore the physical and old-fashioned games they used to play in childhood. Maybe kids will quietly touch screens and leave you alone, but you can’t let electronic products occupy a majority of parts of their summer vacations. They have spent much time reading or studying in school, and summer vacation shall be a period for them to relax the whole body.

List some old-fashioned games and arrange times for kids, the happiness of old-fashioned play is not less than screens. It can not only develop their physical growth but mental health. These games can also help you recall your memories about childhood. It must an unforgettable activity to survive summer vacation.

Engage into kitchen

It’s not a bad idea of letting your kids help in the kitchen. It seems that summer vacation provides you with a little assistant. They don’t need to offer some big help but participate in the kitchen. 

Cook simple dishes, or bake a cake together. You have many options to let kids join in the kitchen. This activity can absolutely make their summer vacation meaningful and different from others.

On the one hand, kitchen activity can let kids have fun with you; on the other hand, they can learn something that they are not able to acquire in the classroom. It’s a different education for them. Meanwhile, your kids must be satisfied when eating the dished that they cook together with you. 

Reading time

Reading is a good choice to enter your inner world and enjoy it silently. Set apart a certain time for you and the kids to read together. Then talk about each feeling about the book.

The digital ear has made people concern less about paper books. However, summer vacation is a perfect chance for adults and children to read together and relax. Once immersed in books, nobody will be bothered.

With the above tips, don’t worry that the summer vacation goes too slow. Finally, you will find it’s unbelievable that kids’ summer vacation quickly ends. Reasonable arrange timetable, prepare well for kids, then you can successfully survive summer vacation with kids at home.

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