The Best Guide To Upgrade Power Wheel Tires For All Terrains

upgrade power wheel tire to make it better

The Best Guide To Upgrade Power Wheel Tires For All Terrains

Power wheel for kids, while fantastic for outdoor adventures, are notorious to lose traction with continuous use. Even if your kids power wheel is fresh new, they may begin to slip on particular surfaces. This is largely owing to the huge plastic tires that most ride-on cars have. You’ll notice the tires spinning soon enough, especially when the treads wear out, so how can you change kids car tires for better traction so it doesn’t slip?

Fitting a rubber tire on each of the wheels, especially the back wheels, is the quickest option to change power wheel tires for better grip and traction. Cutting roll mat (Harbor Freight) into four strips and attaching them to the tires is a better long-term solution.

it's important to maintain power wheel tires

Phase Out Rubber Tire Of Power Wheel For Sidewalks

The next step is to cut the sidewalls off the bicycle tires. Take your scissors and cut the sidewalls evenly with them. The advantage of using bicycle tires is that you won’t have to measure them because they have a compact profile. You will, however, need to utilize rubber tires that are the same size as your plastic tires.

While the tires you use should not be the same size as your plastic wheels, they should also not be too small. Use tires that can cover at least three-quarters of the plastic wheels in the best case scenario. In terms of traction, the central area is usually the most crucial, therefore make sure to pick rubber tires that can exactly match the center of the plastic tires.

Although most individuals don’t wear gloves when cutting up rubber tires, wearing them may prevent harm. It’s a good idea to start cutting with a wire cutter before moving on to hefty scissors. Again, the type of scissors you use should be determined by the rubber tires you choose. If you choose used motorcycle tires with slim profiles, you’ll need hefty scissors with smooth blades to cut the edges.

The Cut Rubber Should Be Placed On The Plastic Tires

It’s time to get to the delicate job after you’ve cut the power wheel tires and removed the sidewalls. Begin by putting the customized bike or bicycle tire on the ride on car tire made of plastic. Drill two to three screws into the surface using your screwdriver drill. The rubber tire should then be stretched until it completely covers the factory plastic tire. Drill the screws once again, but only if the tire is entirely stretched and sag-free.

In general, there is no right or wrong number of screws to drill. Because the kids power wheel is designed for outside use, the more the better. However, you should not over-tighten the plastic wheels, since this may cause problems if you need to remove or alter them.

If you don’t want to put screws in your kids power wheels, you can use glue instead. When employing glue, however, it is critical to thoroughly clean the tires. Because adhesives don’t work well on filthy surfaces, you’ll need to clean it with soap or detergent beforehand.

Get Ready For A Power Wheel Tire Upgrade

Please keep in mind that you’ll need to work on a work table or a flat surface. Avoid completing this activity on delicate surfaces because the cuts may cause harm.

You don’t have to worry about the length, but you do need to pay attention to the breadth to ensure that you cover the whole surface of the plastic tires for maximum traction. Place your drywall T square on the surface and remove the utility blade once you’ve marked out the proportions. The drywall T square will serve as a cutting edge, allowing you to cut the rubber roll mat precisely according to your measurements. You can also cut the mat into four identical strips using a pair of scissors.

We recommend checking out the four identical strips to determine if they make perfect fits before you start cleaning your plastic tire surface in preparation for the rubber surface installation. If there is any surplus rubber, use the utility knife to cut it to fit the plastic wheels exactly.

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Carry On A Dry Run

A test run to see how the rubber will appear on the plastic wheel is optional, but it will help you know if you’re on the right track.

Place one of the four pieces of rubber you previously cut on the first tire. Try to fit it on the plastic tire‘s surface. Cut a piece of duct tape and apply it over the rubber to hold it in place once you’ve placed it on the plastic tire’s surface. Duct tape functions as a third hand, allowing you to do other things with your hands without having to hold the rubber in place.

Next, cut a tire tube from one of your old tires into eight pieces (should just take a few minutes). The parts don’t have to be identical, but they must be circular enough to act as a rubber band, binding the rubber and plastic tire together.

New Ride On Car Tires Should Be Purchased

Another option for improving the traction of your kids power wheel tires is to replace them entirely. Modifying the wheels may appear to be too much effort, especially if you have a busy schedule.

You’ll remove the old tires from your ride on car and begin the installation process once you’ve acquired the new ones. Fortunately, the wheels come with their own retainers, so you won’t have to reuse any from the previous wheels.

Installing new tires is a simple process. You’ll begin by putting the tires on the axle and securing them. Replace the hubcap before installing the new retainer. You can use a hammer to secure the retainer in place before adding the retention caps to complete the process. Repeat on all four wheels of your kids power wheel, making sure to smash the retainers hard enough.

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