The Best Guides On Kids Power Wheel Motors Upgrading And Making Ride On Car Faster

modify power wheel motor and make kids car go faster

The Best Guides On Kids Power Wheel Motors Upgrading And Making Ride On Car Faster

Power Wheels cars are entertaining toys for your children, but if they want a little more oomph or have outgrown the sedate speed, replacing the engine or battery may be the answer. Aftermarket batteries are inexpensive, and electric motors are widely used in radio-controlled toys. Both options are excellent upgrades for your power wheel vehicles.

If your kids want their power wheels to go faster, or modify a 12v ride on to a 24v one, then following instructions can help you a lot. Upgrading the kids power wheel motor is not as troublesome as you imagine and you can easily deal with it at home with your kid. More importantly, it can help to save money.

it's easy to upgrade power wheel motors

How to speed up your kids power wheel

Install a new motor

Open the ride on power wheels’s engine. To get to the black motor hardware, turn your toy car upside down and remove the wheels. Wiggling the cylinder-shaped motor until it comes free by releasing the screws with the appropriate screwdriver.

Check to see if the power wheel motor is compatible. Make sure the new motor you’ve selected is the right size for your ride on cars. Your secondary car’s brushless motor should be removed. The engine will be cylinder-shaped, and you may need to remove some hardware to access it.

Connect the pin of the brushless motor using a solder-free spade connector. By gradually heating the spade and applying pressure with a flathead screwdriver, you may be able to recover the spade from the ride on cars motor. If you can’t get it out, get a cheap spade from your local hardware store instead of risking damaging the already-connected spade and the motor itself.

Replacing the brushless motor in the power wheels hardware is simple. Push the engine in with the spade end first. Replace the screws in the hardware with your screwdriver to keep the battery in place.

Connect the brushless motor to the cables. Carefully untangle the wires from the original motor and reconnect them to the brushless motor using the same connecting points as before. If desired, a new battery could be installed at this time.

Replace the wheels on your kids electric car and test it. Your vehicle should be compatible with the brushless motor’s remote. To be safe, turn the car upside down when testing, as the speed will be substantially increased.

Installing a replacement battery

Select a battery from the aftermarket. Look for information on your kids power wheel battery to advise you on the exact parameters when buying a battery. The voltage, chemistry, and size must all be noted. Consider the following scenario: ride on cars batteries are typically lead-acid, 12 volt, and 16.0 x 11.0 x 8.0 in size, so be sure the aftermarket battery you select meets these requirements.

Using a flathead screwdriver, pry the top of the original battery out from the side. After the top fractures, peel the edges away from the battery with the screwdriver. Remove the top piece completely, but take care not to damage the battery’s case.

The battery connecter should be pulled away from the battery. The connector will pop up and out of the rest of the battery after some wiggle. Pull out as far as you can the two connecting positive and negative wires, then carefully clip them as close to the battery as possible.

Connect the positive side of the battery connector to the fuse. In a fuse holder, place a 30 Amp fuse. Using your wire crimping tool, remove roughly 1 cm of wire cover from either side of the connector once it is joined. To keep the exposed wire in place, insert it in a wire connector and crimp it down.

All remaining exposed wires should be insulated. Connect the remaining exposed fuse wire to the negative wire of the power wheel battery connector (typically black) using an insulated female spade.

Put your new battery to the test. Because the speed will be substantially increased, be cautious and park your toy car upside down.

upgrade your kids power wheel motor with easy tips

Steps to upgrade 12v power wheel to 24v one

Make a sequence of wires to link the batteries

The trick to combining the voltages from the two batteries to produce the system 24 volts is to connect them in series.

With that in mind, cut a long enough wire now (based on how you have chosen to mount the batteries).

After that, remove both ends of the wire and solder a female connector to either end.

Crimping the connectors in place is the final step.

If the rationale isn’t clear, we’ll use the series method, which adds the voltages of two batteries while preserving the same amperage/current.

Place the batteries in the kids electric car

Remove the voltmeter probes and place the batteries into the vehicle, terminals facing up, assuming you completed the necessary changes to suit your two batteries.

The connections between the power wheel and the batteries are simple: Connect +ve to +ve (the open +ve car connection to the first battery’s +ve) and –ve to –ve (connect the open -ve car connection to -ve of the second battery).

Connect the two batteries using the circuit series connecting wire. You connect the batteries’ +ve and -ve terminals.

Will putting a 24 volt battery in 12 volt power wheels cause the motor to burn out?

In general, 24 volts is often too much for a power wheel built for 12 volts; in fact, the 12v motor is known to fail in as little as 2-3 months.

As a result, if you’re going to upgrade, we recommend going with a 24v motor just to be cautious.


You can try these tips to upgrade your kids power wheel at home and it won’t cost you lots of time and money. Simple tools and steps make a faster and unique ride on car which only belongs to your kids. Believe me, your children will surely enjoy the fresh excitement and adventure from the advanced power wheel.

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