The History of Kids Car–Gaining Strange Knowledge Again

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The History of Kids Car–Gaining Strange Knowledge Again

Raising kids is a process of struggling with money and inner self.

You have troubles deciding what kids eat and dress today and need time to think what they play and use tomorrow.

And you like talking about everything about kids and bugging about the child-raising. You don’t like discussing the low-quality and insensible stuff you bought.

It’s alright. No mom in this world hasn’t spent any extra money on their kids. As a mother of a 2-year-old girl, I shop a lot. It is important not only to spend money wisely but also to know the stories behind the products. In that case, we will know the products better and that will no lead us to a failed purchase. As Christmas is coming, I am going to buy an electric kids car for my little princess. I have gone through a lot of brands but haven’t made up my mind yet. But I have done the research about the development of kids car. And today I will share it with you.

Parents often take their kids out for activities, but long hours of jumping and running with kids is truly tiring for a mom of a certain age. To meet the demand of outside activities, the kids car appears.

What was the first kids car like? How has it evolved to what it is today? Let’s get on the time machine and go back.

In China, people found the wall painting about a baby carriage in Mogao Grottoes Cave 156 in the late Tang Dynasty (about 835 A.D. ), which demonstrates that human beings started to use tools to take kids out very early.

In the Ming Dynasty (about 1368 A.D.), the whole kids ride is of a wood frame with a partition in the middle and multiple drilled holes helping adjust the cabin size according to kids’ size.

The first kids ride in the world with documented history was born in England dating back up to 287 years ago. This basket-shaped ride is a carriage with wheels.

In 1840, the kids ride made of splints and willow and connected by valuable brass was a symbol of status and identity. The ride was decorated with bells and whistles like a piece of art and often named after princes or duchesses.

In 1848, the Americans added a handle to the ride to make taking-out-kids convenient for parents. That was the first real kids ride in the world.

In 1889, the forward-to-back reversible cart appeared. The cabinet could face forward and reverse to face the parents .

In 1920s, the part previously made of splints and willow was then replaced by rubber and plastic. And the valuable brass was taken place of by the chromium alloy, reducing the manufacturing cost and making the kids ride available for the common people.

In 1965, the first light kids ride was invented. The frame was made of aluminium and foldable as an umbrella. And very soon the ride had gained much popularity.

In 1984, the first three-wheeled slow sports car appeared, which was suitable for all road conditions and became the favorite of sports-loving parents.

In 1990s, the kids ride had become more and more similar to what it is today through continuous improvements. What we know as kids ride today is the ride that come with flexible-steering wheels, fun of video play and exercise, adjustable seat, storage room, multifunctional Bluetooth, music for early childhood education, multiple ways of using and can serve as dining chair and bicycle, etc.

kids ride on plane
kids ride on car
kids motorcycle

Knowing all these, I am finally aware of how many researches have been done in order to liberate parents. How amazing would it be if parents could find a kids ride which gives a sweet company for kids through their childhood. We just need one ride without extra money wasted. The ride can be operated simply, conveniently and safely, freeing parents from playing with kids. It’s very cost-effective, so I want to recommend it to all new parents.