The Value Of Imagination And Active Play In The Development Of Children

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The Value Of Imagination And Active Play In The Development Of Children

Less Screen Time, More Play Time

By the time you read this in 2020, kids will be watching screens and YouTube more than ever before. A new study found that children spend six hours or more per day on screens. This was not the case for our generation in the 1980s and 1990s. The definition of “play” has shifted over time, and children are spending less time outside and more time indoors watching cartoons and YouTube. Although there is some informative and educational media content available, nothing beats the traditional outdoor “play” time where kids get the necessary healthy physical activity while strengthening their mental capacities by exploring their imagination outdoors.

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Strengthen Physical Health

Because children are constantly growing and learning, it is critical for parents and caregivers to support their child’s coordination skills and creativity as they develop. One way to do so is to improve their physical health, open up new opportunities for them through outdoor experiences, and encourage them to explore and discover.

It is our responsibility as parents and caregivers to ensure our children’s development. It is critical for our children to interact with other children in order to develop interpersonal skills. It is also critical to develop our children’s fundamental motor skills by allowing them to explore the outside world and interact with mother nature, under supervision of course. Children are naturally inquisitive and constantly learn from their surroundings, so it is critical that we provide an appropriate environment for them to develop essential personality traits such as confidence and creativity.

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Toys for Babies

We all know how eager our babies are to discover the world around them. Their eyes light up when they notice a new shape, color, texture, taste, or sound, and everything is a new learning experience for them. As parents and caregivers, we must provide safe yet stimulating toys for our babies to help them discover their senses and develop motor skills and hand-eye coordination. To assist in the development of their hearing and vision, try toys (such as blocks and rattles) with different types of sounds and contrasting colors. As they grow, infants can investigate object permanence while also learning about cause and effect relationships with these toys.

Toys for Toddlers

Toddlers are a fascinating bunch. Because they are still developing new skills and senses, they can play with the same toys and blocks they did as babies. It is critical to provide toys that are age appropriate for children. Shape sorting toys and blocks are excellent toddler toys because they teach them how to match items while also teaching them the names of shapes and colors. As they learn about new colors and symmetry, this can be a great exercise for hand-eye coordination, motor skills, and neuro activity.

Toys for Preschoolers

It’s time to teach our preschoolers about numbers, letters, and languages. Toys that promote this type of learning range from alphabet puzzles to electronic gadgets. These toys expose our children to what they will be exposed to at school. These toys are not only more entertaining and interactive, but they are also educational, supplementing their learning skills both indoors and outdoors. Allow your child to explore and use their imagination to the fullest extent possible. When your child discovers a toy that they enjoy, they will play with it and remember it, reinforcing what they learned while playing with the toys.

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Imaginations Outside the Living Room

We can see a link between our children’s mental health and the activities they participate in. Play time should not be limited to the indoors. As we’ve discussed, it’s critical for children to use their imaginations throughout the day, whether in the backyard or the living room. We must recognize that children are constantly learning from their surroundings and that we can control and guide their development by providing educational and interactive toys. 
What are you waiting for, Mom and Dad? Be the role model your child requires. Our children are the best thing that has ever happened to us; let us ensure that they have the best environment and experience possible.

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