Amazing Tips For Kids Power Wheel Remote Controller Not Working

but how to maintain power wheel remote controller well

Amazing Tips For Kids Power Wheel Remote Controller Not Working

It’s exciting to get a new remote control power wheel. You want to put it together as fast as possible and race it. When an issue arises that prevents your ride on car from working properly, your excitement is dashed. It’s impossible to enjoy driving a kid’s electric car that can’t turn. But don’t be concerned. There are a few options for resolving this issue that will have your power wheels turning in no time!

So, what are your options if your remote control power wheel refuses to turn? Check the kids car’s operating system if it isn’t turning. The toy car will not turn if the steering servo or remote control is faulty.

Continue reading to learn how to diagnose the problem causing your RC power wheel to not turn and how to fix it.

it's easy to fix power wheel remote controller

Take a look at the power wheel steering servo

Kids power wheels are made up of a lot of different pieces that all work together to make the car run. The steering servo is a crucial steering component. Servos take electrical impulses from the remote control of the power wheel and convert them into orders that cause the car to turn.

The controller sends a signal to the kids car, which is decoded and transmitted to the servo. The signal instructs the vehicle to move its wheels, allowing you to steer. There could be an issue with this process if your ride on car isn’t rotating.

If your kids power wheel isn’t rotating, one of the servo’s components may be broken or malfunctioning. All of the parts of these autos must communicate with one another in order for them to function effectively.

If the servos’ steering horns aren’t in range, make sure the trim on your transmitter is set to zero, then turn it off and adjust the steering horn to its center position.

If your kids car is making hard lefts or rights right away, you should check the servo horn as well as the trim setting. Set your endpoint adjustment back to zero (EPA). If it doesn’t work, your servo may have stripped gears or one of your ride on car’s links may be loose.

The EPA is responsible for assisting the servo and steering rack with minor steering changes. You must have the toy car on the ground with the wheels fully spun to the left and right as endpoints when first setting up an EPA. If you don’t follow these procedures, you won’t be able to turn your power wheel for kids.

Examine your remote control of kids power wheel

When your steering isn’t working, you should first look at the servos. However, the remote control may be the source of your inability to turn your ride on car.

The power sources

The most common cause of your remote controller not connecting to your ride on car is dead batteries (or no batteries). When you’re seeking more complex solutions, it’s easy to overlook simple solutions. If your automobile is not turning, the first thing you should do is check for batteries in your remote controller and replace them if they are dead.

Wires that are strewn about

If your remote control’s batteries aren’t the problem, you can have a loose wire within the controller. Electricity is transferred between two conductors by the wires in your power wheel remote controller. The movement of your kids electric car is controlled by the transfer of electricity. You’ll need to remove the circuit board from your controller if your wires aren’t linked.

Out of the Question

The range of remote control is restricted, and you can only get so far away from the automobile before it stops responding. If you’re a long way from your power wheel car and it stops turning, it’s possible that you’re out of range.

Replacing a circuit board that has been damaged

If you’ve discovered that loose wires in the remote control are the source of your kids power wheel’s failure to turn, you’ll need to remove the circuit board from the controller and inspect it. If the problem is with the circuit board, it will need to be replaced.

A little section with two buttons will be visible. Remove the left and right buttons from the controller’s insets.

The screws that connect the antenna to the circuit board must be removed.

To remove your circuit board from the remote control’s shell, unscrew the screws at the bottom center. Remove any cables linked to your old circuit board; these wires must be attached to your new circuit board.

To the new circuit board, connect your cables. Using a copper solder wick, remove the solder from the old board. The new board should have roughly nine wires to attach. Replace it in the controller after that. Reassemble the remote by following these instructions in reverse once you have your new circuit board connected and inside the remote.


Don’t return your remote control power wheel to the store right away if it isn’t rotating. You can check a few things to see if you can solve the problem on your own. Examine the steering servo and remote controller on the ride on car. Use the tips in this article to repair your car on your own. In no time, you’ll be back on the track!

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