Easy to operate interface

It can be started quickly with one button, also with the functions of screen display battery, forward and backward keys, etc.

Reliable damping tire

The tires provide greater grip, while the four-wheel damping system further improves the driving experience.

Equipped with safety belts

Although we have speed limits, for a more comprehensive consideration, we are equipped with seat belts to ensure the safety of children.

Great lighting

LED headlights to ensure night lighting, so you can play it anytime and anywhere in the true sense.

Our incredible team are here for you


Do we need to assemble it ourselves?

Yes, you do. We are equipped with product instructions, which can be performed by following the above steps.

How is the product quality?

The quality is guaranteed, not easy to damage, and you can play it for a long time with single charge.

Does the product taste strong?

We use American standard materials, which are energy-saving and environmentally friendly, with no irritating odor. There is no need to worry about harming children’s health.

How old is it suitable for children?

Our car has a large capacity, but it is only suitable for children aged 3-6.


How Enjoyably Kids Ride!