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We are an American brand that specializes in the design, production, and sales of kids' ride-on toys.

Every kid is a dream machine


When Mr.Tobbi was still little Tobbi, he used to have tons of dreams: he wanted to become a pilot, to rush to the sky and fly through clouds; he wanted to become a policeman, to beat down those bad people in town… Little Tobbi had a dream a day to become different heroes. He made himself wooden planes for his pilot dream and wooden guns for his policeman dream. Who would have known, little Tobbi grew up to be a totally different man.

In 2016, Mr.Tobbi set up this brand TOBBI – a brand born to protect the most precious dreams of kids. Every kid has his or her own heroic dream, and Mr.Tobbi chose to become their defender, a guardian. Give your little pilot a nice airplane and give your little policeman a fancy police car- make dreams of your babies more real and firm.

TOBBI,a brand of Dream,a brand of Love, to guard Treasures OBeloved Babies Indeed.

About TOBBI story
popular ride-on car for boys
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Words have it that kids could see spirits. Spirits might be one of the purest things in the world, therefore, kids should be equally pure to possess the ability to see them. Simple and clean their minds are, their dreams are sincere and straight; nevertheless, just like little buds, their dreams could easily be damaged if not carefully treated. The sole target for TOBBI is to guard their delicate dreams, to offer inner power for them to carry on, till they finally realize their dreams.

Kids ride-on manufacturing expert


We have been moving forward since the day we started up. Up to now, we have an office in CA, the USA, and two warehouses, one in NJ, USA, and the other in CA. Also, we have successfully entered the Australian market till 2020. And we would march on!


Our incredible team are here for you

About tobbi

Tobbi Williams

Company Director
"I have only one goal in my life: To enable children to experience joy as they learn and grow. Everything I do is for that."
About jackie

Jackie Gunnarson

Head of Design
"I was a car geek as a child. My dream was to build the coolest cars in the world. Well, I didn't make it. I ended up spending my full enthusiasm building the coolest kid ride-on."
About Neo

Neo Banks

Research & Development
"I always think that to make the best ride-on toy, not only do we have good enough design ability, but also have a strong supply chain. Only the most cost-effective ride-on is really a good toy."
About leo

Leo Gallagher

Customer Support
"Fast, faster, fastest! I need my customer service system to be the fastest, fast shipping, fast logistics and fast response. If you are not satisfied with my customer service, please complain to me."
Absolutely love this jeep. Some assembly required, but fairly easy to do. Remote has great range, more than I would allow her to go. Bluetooth connectivity, stream music from your phone. Lights look awesome at dusk. All the neighbors are jealous. It's fast too, have to really step it up just to keep pace.
Paul Walsh
Paul Walsh
NewYork, US
My son just loves this car. It has a siren, songs, and a mic. It runs better on asphalt than grass but works in both places. Assembly was so easy for me though I am not familiar with cars and wires. Of course, you can ask their customer service, which is very good and helpful. They have their own Youtube channel.
About Shahinaz Sorensen
Shahinaz Sorensen
California, US