Embark on a Magical Journey with Our Unicorn Ride on Toy

At the end of the rainbow, a magical adventure awaits your little hero! Introducing our unicorn ride on toy, designed for dreamers and brave adventurers, bringing boundless laughter and joy to your child.

Why Choose Our Unicorn Ride on Toy?

Fantasy Design: The unicorn’s enchanting design and vibrant mane make every ride a whimsical adventure.

Ignite Imagination: On the back of our ride on unicorn toy, your child can traverse through time, explore wonders, and spark endless imagination.

Safety First: Crafted from high-quality materials, ensuring durability and meeting the highest safety standards. Providing you peace of mind while your child plays freely.

Perfect Gift: Whether as a birthday surprise or holiday treat, these unicorn ride on toys will gift children with unforgettable moments.

What is the Age for Unicorn Ride on Toy?

You may wonder how old our electric unicorn ride on toy is for kids. In fact, it is perfect for kids at 3-6 years old, providing a secure and magical introduction to the imaginative play.

Our 6-volt unicorn ride on toy is of high quality and modern design, which comes in light pink and rainbow. It not only has music function, but also can swing up and down.

Is Unicorn Ride on Toy Safe for Children?

You don’t have to worry about the safety of unicorn electric ride on toy at all. It has foot pedal for acceleration, anti-slip handlebars to control direction, 2 training wheels to easy ride, which is suitable for various scenarios.

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