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Jumbo 4-to-Score For Kids

View the massive 4-to-score big game set we have provided for you. The object of this sturdy indoor/outdoor game is to be the first player to link four pieces in a row in any direction to win. It is a life-sized version of the traditional ring-dropping game.

At kids’ birthday parties, professional or college tailgating gatherings, bars, family reunions, and more, the Nyeekoy Kids Jumbo 4-To-Score Game is sure to be a hit. This game is entertaining for both adults and children and aids in the development of a variety of abilities, including motor skills, hand-eye coordination, cognitive capacity, problem-solving, counting, and critical thinking.

This gigantic version of the traditional 4-in-a-row game will be a hit with parents, event planners, and adults searching for the ideal outdoor and inside activity. It offers simplicity, durability, and enjoyment.

Let’s play our massive 4-to-score huge game set with friends and family!