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Licensed Mercedes ride on car 12V

If you are searching for a ride on car for your kids & want to give them real pleasure, then the licensed Mercedes ride on car 12V is the best one for your kids.

Tobbi offers Mercedes Benz toy car with remote. There are a lot of car models from the German car manufacturer Mercedes Benz. In our assortment, you will find cars, like the Mercedes Benz E-class, which is available in different variations and offers an option for children up to 25 Kg, or the Mercedes Benz A-class, which is available in different colors and has a very sporty design.

These Mercedes Benz kids electric ride on cars deliver a smooth & powerful ride and it has been specially designed for kids.

Main features of Mercedes ride on car

Mercedes Benz kids electric car is a great option for kids who want to learn how to drive. This set of power wheel can help young drivers accumulate experience on the road, both indoors and outdoors. The toy car is made with little drivers in mind: it’s sturdy and high-quality, designed to keep speed and intensity under control without risking injury.

Realistic Mercedes Benz design

The 12V Mercedes Ride-On Car for kids is built to the same safety and quality standards that the luxury German car is known for. Available in Black, Blue, Red, Green, or White; this kids electric car has the realistic look, feel, and sound of its original namesake. And just like its real version, the independent front suspension system means your little one can drive at different speeds without hurting themselves or others.

Parental remote control

With its easy-to-use remote and realistic design — like the ability to move backward and forward — the Mercedes ride on car is a great way for your child to become a real off-roader, or just pretend.


Every Mercedes Benz power wheel is fitted with an FM radio, allowing your child to drive in style. With the MP3 player, your child can jam to their favorite tunes and sing along to their heart’s content!

Choose the proper 12V Mercedes ride on car for kids

Kids aged 0-2 years old

Our Mercedes ride on push car is suitable for toddlers aged 0-2 years old. It features durable construction with an adjustable seat, a steering wheel, and lights. The car design allows for parent supervision while the child is riding. The product in its entirety meets international safety standards. As well as being suitable as a toddler push car, it can also be used as a walker to aid a child’s motor skills and development.

Kids aged 2-8 years old

For kids aged 2-8 years, the electric ride on car is a perfect option. It is the best way to make your kids happy and excited. These Mercedes Benz Kids Ride-On car is the best gift for your kids. The car is safe, cool, and fun to play with.