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12V BMW Kids Car

If you are looking for the best kids electric car, then you can consider Tobbi 12V BMW kids car. This ride on car is sold with a power charger, a USB port, and a working MP3 player. The car is equipped with a safety belt and a horn for sound effects. With just the push of a button on the steering wheel, your child will be able to take off in this awesome ride.

This BMW kids ride on car with remote is sure to be the envy of many children. It is built well and it has many features that other similar ride ons don’t have.

Main features of Tobbi licensed BMW electric ride on car

One of the most inspirational and innovative ride on cars is this licensed BMW ride on toy car. This particular one is actually a wonderful combination of ride on and electric car. It has the smooth movement of an electric car combined with the speed and control of a ride on car.

Realistic BMW design

12V BMW ride on car for kids has a fully customized drivetrain. BMW elements like the transmission, differential, logo, and chassis mean it’s the perfect vehicle for any kid who are fond of BMW vehicles to enjoy on ride along their life. It has a 12 volt powertrain, spacious seating, and reliable construction that will offer children the authetic experience of driving BMW like adults.

Parental remote control

Obviously, our 12 Volt BMW kids ride on car is equipped with remote control. Remote control cars are a fun toy that kids and adults alike enjoy playing with. The ability to control a four wheeler for kids from a distance is an exciting way to encourage safe driving and improve gaming.


All Tobbi BMW ride on toy cars are great for children to play music. Each car comes with an FM radio and an MP3 player. They’re also built of durable materials that help keep kids safe while they play.

Select the proper 12V BMW ride on car with remote for kids

When you are looking to buy a bmw kids car for your child, it is important to consider that your child will be spending a lot of time in this ride on toy. You will want to make sure that the 4 wheeler is comfortable and fits your child well. You may also want to consider picking a ride on car with a remote control so your child can operate the car on their own.

The proper selection of the right ride on toy is critical in ensuring your child’s safety. To help you find the best one, our experts that you need to select our BMW kids car according to kids’ ages and weight. It’s more suitable for 2-8 years old children.