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Great Electric Ride On Car For Kids

Tobbi, always aims to offer kids attractive & good-quality electric ride on cars. Nowadays, kids tend to spend more and more time on various screens. We believe that there shall be something to take them outside and feel nature.

Every kid has a dream of driving a car to cruise around like adults. Tobbi’s great electric toy cars can not only help them achieve the dream of being little racers but take them to explore the world created by themselves.

Why Electric Car?

It’s more likely that kids get bored with toys without many attractive features. To have kids play outdoor more, we believe electric ride on car has its shining points.

Durable for long-term indoor & outdoor play, a great toy for role-playing, easy operation, the comfortable & thrilling driving experience, etc. The electric car will be the kids’ best companion for them to imagine and create.

Only a single type/color of Electric Car at Tobbi?

Exactly not! We have considered that different kids ask for different needs. Go through the list, there’s a wide range of kids rids electric cars, and we always try to let every kid find the electric ride on car with their favorite size, shape, design, or color.

My Kids have a passion for luxury/brand electric cars

Don’t worry. It’s true that luxury/brand vehicles are more eye-catching.

As we said before, we’d like to meet the different needs of kids. So you can find many brand electric cars here, like Benz, Bentley, Audi, Lamborghini, etc.

And all of these cars are officially licensed, and that’s why they look more realistic.

We put Kids’ Safety in the First Place

We totally understand the importance of keep kids safe while driving. And we also hope you don’t have to worry a lot when kids are playing.

Our electric cars are equipped with seat belts, a soft-start system, speed adjusting function, and kid-friendly & durable material. We hope kids can play with our electric cars happily and safely.

I’d like to enjoy electric ride on cars with my kids together

That’s a great idea. And we’ve thought about it also. Parents can choose the electric ride on cars equipped with parental remote control. This mode enables you to enjoy electric cars with kids together. What a wonderful family moment!

Would kids get bored with the electric car?

We have realized that kids might feel bored soon facing various kinds of toys.  We always try to innovate to add more fun for kids.

The built-in media player can play music & stories while driving.  Then it’s more like an educational game for kids since music and stories are conducive to kids’ mental development. We hope to use such meaningful recreation to make kids immersed in driving more.

Suitable Age

We heard many parents saying “Would my kid be too young/old to play with an electric car?” This totally makes sense.

So we have categorized our electric cars according to ages. For toddlers, we recommend the push ride on car and smaller electric cars, which is safer for them.

For those kids aged 2-10, we also have various sizes for them. But please remember the electric cars will have more power with larger sizes.

Free Shipping & Free Return 

We provide free shipping on all orders in the USA. The 1-year warranty period and free return service on all products.

You can find more about our returns and exchange policy at Contact.