Is Go Karting Safe for Children?

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Is Go Karting Safe for Children?

The sport of go-karting has long been a favorite among both kids and adults. Flying at high speed while go karting provides us a taste of actual racing, from the thrills and spills of the race track to visualizing yourself as the next Lewis Hamilton and practicing to beat your own personal best lap time.

However, if you’re a parent, grandparent, or caregiver who is considering buying a kids’ go kart for your young child, you might be concerned about the potential safety risks. After all, going full power around a track has to be risky.

You might be shocked to find how safe go karting is for youngsters, though! We will explain why in this manual. We’ll discuss the wonderful advantages it offers, provide you with some safety advice, and much more.

So let’s get moving and start your engines!

What is go karting?

A scaled-down variation of circuit racing sports like Formula One is go karting. It takes place on shorter race circuits, both indoors and outdoors, and uses go karts, which are smaller, weaker vehicles. Each competitor starts at the same spot, completes a predetermined number of laps, and competes to cross the finish line first.

Go karting is a well-liked activity for events like children’s birthday parties, but it’s also a competitive sport where many of the most successful F1 drivers in the world began their careers in motor racing.

What hazards are associated with go karting?

Many parents believe that taking young children go karting is extremely risky and that it should be avoided. However, if the necessary measures are followed before allowing them to take the wheel, go kart racing is much safer than you might imagine.

The kart tipping over or getting mounted by another kart in a high-speed accident are the two most frequent dangers linked with go karts. Although these mishaps do occasionally occur when adult karts are raced at peak speed, the likelihood that they will occur on a karting circuit intended for children is quite small.

Kids’ go karts can only travel at slower speeds since they lack the same amount of power as adult go karts. In addition, all kid-friendly raceways should have tyre walls or other safety obstacles around the edge to assist avoid injuries, and the karts themselves typically have substantial bumpers to cushion any crashes.

What are the benefits of go karting for children?

go karting

So while there aren’t many risks involved in go karting for kids, there are a lot of advantages to spending some time at a karting track with your kids!

Physical fitness

Due to the resistance provided by the kart itself, manipulating the steering wheel of a go-kart requires quite a bit of physical effort. This makes driving the kart a terrific method to work on strength and upper-body workout, both of which are great if your child plays other sports that demand any amount of fitness.

Go karting is a fast-paced, thrilling hobby if you’ve ever had the chance to spend any time zooming around your neighborhood track. This means that it’s great for giving your kids a real rush of adrenaline as well! However, adrenaline is beneficial to your physical health in addition to just making you feel ecstatic.

An increase in heart rate, sharpened perceptions, dilated blood vessels, and expanded airways are all effects of adrenaline. The physical advantages of adrenaline will start to kick in if your youngster starts going to the go-kart track frequently. Even memory and circulation have been found to benefit from adrenaline!

Mental and social development

Go-karting is a fantastic organized sport for youngsters, just like all other sports. Your child will still have a blast if they have their own go kart and can ride it by themselves, but riding at a track with other kids their age is an entirely different experience.

They will gain comprehensive knowledge of rivalry, justice, and sportsmanship. Additionally, as kids start to grow, they will learn how to push themselves to master a skill and feel a great feeling of accomplishment. Their confidence in their own abilities and sense of self-worth are both boosted by this.

A terrific approach for your youngster to interact with other children is through go-karting. They can learn about respect for others and develop friendships with youngsters who are not typically in their sphere of influence if they do this.

Go-karting is also fantastic because it is a little unpredictable. On your first lap, you might be in the lead, but a few minutes later, you might be in last place. You never fully know what will happen while you’re standing at the starting line.

Go-karting is an excellent approach for your kid to learn about adaptation because of this. They can apply this transferrable talent to deal with changes and challenges that arise in their own lives off the go-kart track.

Age restrictions for go karting

Kids can drive their own karts around the house at any age, but all karting tracks have minimum height and age requirements. Most go-kart tracks in the UK demand that children use them when they are at least 8 years old.

Some, nevertheless, may serve children as young as 4 years old. In addition to low-powered karts that are suitable for small children to use, these tracks contain parts that are especially made for younger riders.

Cadet karts are faster karts that are designed for riders 8 to 13 years old. These are faster than the karts that younger children use, but they are still slower than the karts used by adults.

How to ensure go karting safety

Although there aren’t many risks associated with go-karting, there are certain things you can do to make it extra safer for your kids.

Pre-ride preparations

Before your child even gets in the go-kart, there are a few safety measures that need to be taken.

The attire your child wears while go-karting is among the first considerations. If they don’t have access to a race suit, make sure they wear loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that is still tight enough to prevent anything from getting caught in the kart’s wheels or motor.

A helmet should be worn at all times by your youngster. They will be given a helmet at the track if they don’t already have one. Without a doubt, this is the most crucial safety measure to follow while go-karting.

Making ensuring your youngster is wearing a safety harness is a further essential safety measure. You know that you would never drive without using a seatbelt. The same is true with go-karts, though. Don’t let your youngster use the go karts at a track if you discover that they lack safety belts. Wearing a harness will keep your child safe even if they are simply driving at a lesser speed in case they collide with a faster vehicle.

Safety briefing and instructions

Your child will receive a safety briefing from the track’s instructors before getting behind the wheel of their go-kart. This will provide guidelines for operating the go-kart as safely as possible. The instructor will spend some time teaching your child how to accelerate, brake, and steer if they have never driven a go-kart before.

You will need to study the instruction handbook and assist your child if they are learning to drive a go-kart at home using their own vehicle.


Your child will be watched by a trainer while driving a go-kart at a track. They’ll keep an eye on the competition and ensure that there are no safety concerns. After the race, they’ll be able to provide your kid some driving tips on how to get better.

You should attend the race to observe them compete as well. You can support them emotionally if they perform poorly and encourage them when they perform well.

Make sure you keep an eye on them while they are go-karting at home.

Conclusion: Is go karting safe for children?

Despite the reasonable worries many parents have, taking children go-karting is actually fairly safe. Injury risk is quite low due to the children’s go-karts’ modest power and speed. Additionally, the risk is significantly smaller if you take the appropriate safety measures before your child gets in a go-kart!