At What Age Can Kids Start Go Karting?

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At What Age Can Kids Start Go Karting?

Go Karting can be the solution if you’re looking for a fun activity that your kids will enjoy. Kids can have a thrilling, enjoyable time by going go-karting. The hours-long entertainment they will receive from this action-packed exercise. But what age can children begin karting? What age is too young to find out if you’re home to the next Lewis Hamilton?

Read on to find out more about go-karting age restrictions and things to think out before scheduling your first session.

Age requirements for go karting

In order to ensure everyone’s safety, go-kart tracks often include age restrictions.

Children who want to race go karts must be at least 8 years old, according to the majority of circuits. Depending on the track and certain policies, this might change.

For kids 6 and older, entry-level classes are often offered, while younger kids can take karting instruction.

For children aged 4 to 6, there are models available like the Drift Go Kart or our Kids Pedal Go Kart that you can buy for them to enjoy at home on private property.

Being in a safe and controlled atmosphere is a terrific method for young drivers to develop their skills before hitting the track.

Some of these go-karts are even motorised, so your child can practice driving and maneuvering without becoming too tired. However, you should take the speed restrictions into account because it is still important to follow all safety instructions.

Kids between the ages of 8 and 13 can purchase mid-range karts. Children can start “Cadet” karting lessons at these ages. Cadet karts are faster than child karts but slower than adult go karts.

Safety considerations for kids’ go karting

It makes sense that the first thought on most parents’ thoughts is, “Is go-karting safe for kids?” The truth is that, if all the proper safety precautions are taken, go karting can be a highly safe hobby.

Therefore, it is crucial to have speed limits and safety measures. Particularly for younger children who are just beginning out, this is true.

Professional go-karting experiences take a lot of precautions to make sure kids can have a safe time.

These safety procedures include:


Go karts must be inspected to ensure their safety before competition. Before going karting, hair and clothing will also be inspected. This is so that loose garments or hair won’t get tangled up in machines.

Kids should dress in straightforward, cozy clothes that is elastic but not too baggy. They should wear clothing that they aren’t embarrassed to get soiled. Although a T-shirt, trousers, and sneakers are a practical choice, most go-kart tracks now offer customized outfits that may be worn over clothing.

When driving a go-kart, safety gear, such as gloves and helmets, must also be worn.

Safety instructions

Before they start, instructors should explain to kids how to operate a go-kart and navigate the circuit securely. This makes sure that everyone is on the same page and that everyone knows what to expect from the lesson.

They will also offer advice on what to do in the event of an accident.


There should always be a teacher or responsible adult on hand to keep an eye on the kids. This will guarantee that they can offer appropriate guidance following the race and keep an eye out for any issues a child might encounter with go-karting.

By raising flags or turning on warning lights, they can also stop or slow down participants. If a barrier appears on the course, this might occur.

Speed limitations

Go karts can go at amazing speeds. Adult karts with 250cc engines have a top speed of 150 mph. This is not the speed a child’s go-kart will travel at, as you might anticipate, but you should pay attention to the child’s speed.

Kid-kart speeds are normally capped at 10 mph, which will allow young children become comfortable with the controls and maneuvering at a safe speed.

Factors to consider before taking your child go karting 

Before choosing whether to buy a go-kart or enroll your child in classes, there are a number of things to take into account.

These factors include:


Children develop at varying rates. It may be impossible for a five-year-old to drive a kids’ kart safely due to height restrictions, therefore it’s critical that you take all the necessary measures. Your child might have trouble controlling the kart if they were to drive a go-kart that was too big for them. A kart that is too small, on the other hand, could make driving uncomfortable.


The level of cognitive and motor development in your children should also be taken into account. Some kids might pick up go-karting considerably faster than others. Remember that every child is different when it comes to learning how to drive a go-kart, and do your best to help your child without giving up on them.

Suitable practice locations

It’s probable that there aren’t many go-karting tracks in your area. If this is the case, you might want to think about getting your own go-kart and finding an appropriate area for your kid to practice driving, such a piece of privately held land.

Conclusion: What age is best to start go karting?

It’s a great method to have fun for youngsters to introduce them to go karting. Kids’ go-karts designed for children aged 4 and up are a terrific way to get started racing. They can then take advantage of expert instruction and begin racing as they get a little older.

For more seasoned kids, cadet karts will be the next step, but you’ll need to make sure that they meet the requirements for height and age. Kids can experiment with shifter karts and adult carts after they reach an age where cadet karts are no longer fast enough.

All ages like go karting, and introducing your children to it early may help them develop into the next major Formula One star.

If you’re interested in getting your child into go karting, check out our range of Drift Go Karts and Pedal Go Karts.