8 Fixes for Damages When Your Kid’s Electric Ride On Car Gets Wet and Stops Working

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8 Fixes for Damages When Your Kid’s Electric Ride On Car Gets Wet and Stops Working

Luckily if your electric ride on car does get wet, you can try some fixes to get it working again. 

1. Check to see if the battery still works or is dead

The first step is to determine whether your power wheels battery is dead or still operational. If your battery is still operational, you will not require a replacement battery. However, keep in mind that hidden harm might worsen over time. Even if this works after becoming wet, it may need to be replaced shortly.

2. Test the car using another battery 

Testing your power wheels with a fresh battery is an easy approach to discover if the battery is causing issues. You may be fortunate enough to have a spare battery with the correct voltage for your 6-volt, 12-volt, or 24-volt electric car. Before conducting any testing, double-check that you are using the correct battery.

Remove the old battery with care and replace it with the new battery. If the car starts, you know the problem is with the battery. Don’t toss it right away! Instead, dry the batteries, ensure that the charger is dry, and charge it for two days. It’s possible that the automobile battery simply needs to dry out.

Replace it in your ride-on car once it has dried. If it still doesn’t function, look into replacement batteries.

3. Check the charger and battery with a voltmeter

Another typical solution is to use a voltmeter to ensure that the battery and charger are both functioning properly. Connect your car charger to the mains power supply to accomplish this. Interact with the charging terminals using your voltmeter. Any readings less than 6 volts for a 6v charger and 13 volts for a 12v charger indicate a problem and the need for a replacement charger.

Check your battery using a voltmeter as well. Based on the readings, you’ll be able to determine whether or not there is an issue. Readings should be greater than 5 volts for 6v batteries and greater than 10 and a half volts for 12v batteries.

4. Replace damaged vehicle parts

If the battery appears to be in good condition and the charger is operational, it is time to inspect the components of your power wheels. Unfortunately, you won’t always know which pieces need to be replaced until you get inside.

You may need to replace parts one at a time to determine which one is producing problems. You can either use spare parts from another ride-on automobile or buy new ones.

5. Check the gearbox works correctly

Inspecting your gearbox to ensure it is operational may solve your difficulties. However, because they are placed towards the back wheels, they are difficult to replace. To access it and replace the gearbox, you’ll need to unlock the wheel hub.

6. Look at the shifter switches 

 It’s typical for wear and tear to damage the shifter in your ride on electric car, so check it out. If you discover any damage, replace the old switches with a new pair of switches.

7. Inspect for debris in the foot pack 

It may appear to be a simple fix, but make sure no debris or dirt is clogging the foot pack. Mud and other pieces of filth accumulate over time and can eventually prevent the automobile from functioning correctly.

Remove anything that has accumulated around the foot pedals. Sometimes the foot pack is too damaged and must be replaced.

8. Carry out regular maintenance 

Regular maintenance is one of the greatest ways to fix your child’s electric ride on car. Taking care of your electric toy car prevents serious harm and allows you to detect problems before they worsen.

Learning how to maintain your child’s electric car saves you money while keeping your children happy! Show your children how to drive properly and inspect the wheels and battery for damage on a regular basis.