Did You Pick the Right Kids Ride on Car

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Did You Pick the Right Kids Ride on Car

Many children’s cars have become the indispensable “playmate” in children’s growth, including scooters, balance vehicles, bicycles, electric kids ride on cars, etc. But it may cause harm to children if you don’t choose the right one.

In recent years, there are a lot of accidents caused by the poor quality of children’s cars, such as pinching, scratching, falling, and overturning, which are unexpected and can be seen in many places. Earlier in New York City, a little girl’s right foot was stuck by the wheel and got a 3.15″ long cut when she was riding a bicycle in the park. Parents felt more tortured when seeing their little girl suffering from the hurt.

A survey on parents of children aged 3 to 12 years old in several states and a statistical analysis of 5,350 valid questionnaires show that 10.6% of families surveyed have experienced injuries or dangerous situations while using children’s cars. It indicates that the safety of kids ride on cars is not optimistic.

Among so many kinds of children’s cars, how to choose safe and proper ones for kids over 3 years old? Today, I will tell you all the tips in this article.

Kids electric cars authorized by Mercedes Benz, BMW, Land Rover, Porsche, Maserati, and other luxury cars can be found on the market and they are the Mini version of these luxury cars. Your little kids will be the most glamorous and eye-catching ones when they drive this kind of electric cars to cruise around in the neighborhood.

These authorized kids’ cars are highly safe with mechanical brake devices or free wheels. They are very popular among children due to the vivid appearance and fantastic features. If children are too young to operate the vehicle, parents can use the remote control to control it. When your children get older, they can drive on their own by stepping on the pedal under parents’ supervision.

From my point of view, the advantage of these electric cars is that they enable your children to actively clean up or transport fallen leaves and dump garbage with their electric cars.

Points to Purchase A Kids Ride On Car :

The primary concern of choosing a kids’ electric vehicle is the safety.

Speed: The speed of electric cars shall not be too fast (1.8-3.5 mph is preferable) so as to avoid children in driving accidents.

Brake Device: Mechanical and electric kids ride on cars with free wheels need to be equipped with brake devices. Kids ride on cars weighing 60 lbs and over need to be equipped with brake locking devices.

Function: All switches of children’s electric vehicles should be able to control the corresponding functions with clear instructions. It is recommended to choose vehicles with simple functions. The more functions, the more malfunctions.

Certification: Many children’s cars are certified by ASTM or CE, so you should pay attention to the certifications when purchasing, which can ensure the safety of materials and the reliability of quality.

Stability: Rollover will not happen when children drive the kids ride on cars on a 15-degree slope.

Attention: Unlike adult cars, kids electric cars do not have brake devices, so kids should pay attention not to drive too fast or drive beside the river or on steep slopes to prevent themselves from danger if they drive electric cars with free wheels.

Well, this is the introduction of today’s electric kids’ cars, please leave a message if you still do not understand or have some questions. Your comments are warmly welcome!