How To Simply Make Your Electric Kids Motorcycle Go Faster

let kids enjoy electric kids motorcycle more

How To Simply Make Your Electric Kids Motorcycle Go Faster

Possessing the most fashionable and attractive fun electric kids motorcycle has been increasingly popular in recent years. Everyone will be stunned by the magnificent appearance, jazzy look, and vroom sound!

Our tiny monsters are growing up at a breakneck pace as if someone has pressed the fast forward button on their development. As a result, the speed of the kids motorcycle is taken into account. Many of our children simply enjoy the rush of driving their fancy ride on toys!

To keep up with their increased speed and expectations, we’ve put up a list of 12 simple ways to help your electric kids motorcycle run faster!

make your electric kids motorcycle go faster

Opening up

Let’s try spinning the electric motorcycle for kids backward. Wow, that actually works! Now, remove the wheels for easier access and seek the black motor hardware.

As the screws become more solidly attached to the motor, it’s time to slowly loosen them with a well-matched screwdriver.

Checker for compatibility of kids electric motorcycle

So, you want to make sure that the brand new motor that just arrived is suitable or not.

Putting the spade connector in place

Proceed to your secondary electric kids motorcycle once you’ve matched the size of the new motor. Make an effort to carefully dig out the brushless motor. Spend some time dusting off the accumulated layer of dirt while you’re at it.

Give the cylindrical-shaped motor a good rub, and then look for a means to heat it up. You might use a screwdriver that is flat enough to apply adequate force.

Perform this step with greater caution, as making a mistake when handling the connector can result in motor damage. As a result, remain cool and patient. If you are unable to complete this stage, it is preferable to go to a neighboring hardware store and get a cheap and reasonable spade.

Rather than destroying the entire motor, it is preferable to find a more manageable manner to complete the task.

check the connection of kids motorcycle battery

Returning your ride on toy to their original position

It’s time to reinstall the brushless motor once you’ve finished with it. How? Place the motor carefully, making sure to start with the spade-end.

Make sure it’s properly put and fitted using your screwdrivers. While reinstalling the brushless motor, you might wish to exercise some patience. This stage may necessitate a great deal of intricate labor while twisting and turning, so stay aware and relaxed.

Hooking up the wires to the brushless motor

Remove the wires from the previous motor and carefully connect them to the brushless motor. You must ensure that the necessary connecting points are in place.

If you’re thinking about replacing your kids motorcycle battery, this might be the perfect time to do so!

Check to ensure proper working

Now that you’ve completed the difficult portion, it’s time to reinstall the ride on kids motorcycle wheels and perform a final inspection!

What is the best way to install an aftermarket battery?

Getting to Know Specifications of your power wheeels

When compared to electric kids motorcycle batteries, one of the advantages of aftermarket batteries is that they are less expensive.

Before you go out and buy a new aftermarket battery, compile a list of your current battery’s specs, such as its dimensions, voltage, chemical, and so on.

Removing the battery’s top

Using any suitable equipment, scrape off the original battery top head. Leave the black connector alone; if it is broken, you may have to pay more!

The connector may be seen coming off after some effort. To ensure safety, gently tug on the wires (both negative and positive) and clasp them closer to the battery. Make sure the wires are properly trimmed.

Fuse insertion

Get yourself a wire crimping tool now. After you’ve inserted the 30AMP fuse into the fuse holder, wipe out about a millimeter of the wire’s covering on both sides.

Make sure the wires are color-coded before inserting them into the wire connector. You must understand that the color white or red is used to create a positive edge. Now that you’ve completed that, you can attach one of the fuse’s wires to the connector’s other side.

To add to the safety, take an insulated female spade and connect it to the negative wire of the battery connector.

Double-check and put it through its paces

Gently connect the black or negative terminal to the connector’s black wire. Connect the red terminal to the fuse end in the same way. Check it out when parking your electric ride on motorcycle normally.

Getting ride of some weight

It’s easy to see why heavier ride on electric motorcycle for kids travels slowly compared to their lighter counterparts. It’s feasible to tweak your old models by swapping out heavy parts for lighter alternatives like aluminum, graphite, and light carbon — as previously mentioned, swapping out Ni-Mh batteries for Li-Po choices can also help with speed concerns. Because weight reduction decreases traction, even minor changes in weight can have a major impact on how a kids motorcycle performs, so start slowly and be prepared to relearn the sensitivity of your ride on kids motorcycle controls.

Advanced gear ratio adjustment

The pinion gear and the spur gear are the two primary gears that drive your electric ride on motorcycle. The motor of your ride on motorcycle is directly connected to a pinion gear. The higher the number of teeth on a pinion gear, the faster the car can move. However, upgrading more than a few teeth at a time is not recommended, as this might result in damaging overheating difficulties. The pinion rotates the spur gear, and replacing the present gear with a smaller one can increase top speed. Downsizing the spur gear, for example, reduces acceleration, so this isn’t the best choice for traveling from 0 to 60 mph. This is one of the simpler projects for beginners and intermediate users to try when it comes to internal part replacements for speed increases.

Because the majority of the kids are just interested in the fun ride on toy racing, speed becomes an important factor! Make sure they get the most out of their playtime by increasing their desire for speed. With such simple and instructive procedures, anyone can complete the process without stammering!

So, gather the tools you need and get started. Pace yourself to keep up with your electric kids motorcycle rapid development!

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